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Published on Feb 19, 2013

Arizona Republican National Committeeman BRUCE ASH's latest commentary!

"The Arizona Legislature has been asked to approve a major expansion of our state's Medicaid program which will add many hundreds of thousands of new recipients to the state's health care system.

Let's be clear ......Arizonans are being asked to pay increased state taxes and a hospital bed tax to pay for the expansion of ObamaCare in Arizona which could force as many as 250,000 new participants into a low quality , government managed health insurance program. A program which arguably will not only cost us much more in the long run but will result in worse medical outcomes than insureds with private coverage.

Arizona should have passed a meaningful inter state health insurance bill which would have promoted lower insurance costs through competition last year but it was opposed by in state health insurers who wanted to continue their near monopoly.

Now health insurers are working through their lobbyists and hospitals to circumvent Proposition 108 which gave Arizonans protection against any tax increase not passed by a 2/3 rds super majority in the Legislature. Arizona men and women .....speak up now and contact your state representative and senator . Tell them Arizona does not want to be part of the ObamaCare health scheme and we will hold them responsible for any attempt to circumvent tax payer protection provided by Proposition 108."

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