Friday, January 11, 2013


Arizona Party Builders

Tomorrow, the Republican Precinct Committeeman of Maricopa County have a 'golden opportunity' to take back the County Republican Party by electing LISA GRAY & her Arizona Party Builders Team!

She is the ONLY choice for this very important job! Lisa has built an impressive list of endorsements:

Legislators across Arizona are supporting Lisa Gray’s Team for Leadership of the Maricopa Republican Party
Phoenix - Legislators across Arizona depend on a strong Party. More and more are supporting Lisa Gray and her AZ Party Building team. Some of them are listed below:

• Senator Nancy Barto
• Senator Adam Driggs
• Senator Michele Reagan
• Senator-elect Kelli Ward
• Senator Steve Yarbrough

• Majority Leader Steve Court
• Representative-elect Paul Boyer
• Representative Kathy Brophy-McGee
• Representative Tom Forese
• Representative Rick Gray
• Representative Phil Lovas
• Representative Justin Pierce
• Representative Terri Proud
• Representative Amanda Reeve

“I have watched Lisa work tirelessly to get the conservative message out and as county chair she will lead our county in the right direction. I can think of no better person for this position.” - Representative-elect Paul Boyer
“Lisa Gray is a dedicated and proven leader who leads by example. She has recruited a diverse and experienced grassroots team to lead our County Party and prepare us for the 2014 elections. I fully support Lisa and her team for the Maricopa County Republican Party Leadership." - Senator Nancy Barto
“We are truly honored to have the support and trust of many of our legislators,” said Gray. “One goal we have is to build unity in our Party between our elected officials and our grassroots. Knowing that we have their support is the first step toward that effort.”

Lisa Gray and her team, Paul Brierley, 1st Vice Chairman; Rene Lopez, 2nd Vice Chairman; Colleen Lombard, Secretary; and Walter Dudley, Treasurer, represent a broad segment of the County and have a combined 45 years of grassroots Republican leadership experience.
 The are known as the Arizona Party Builders because their focus will be on building the Party to win elections.
To learn more about the candidates and details of their plan, please visit

Conservative Municipal Leaders across Maricopa County are putting their support behind Lisa Gray’s Team for Maricopa County Republican Leadership
Maricopa County – Conservative leaders across Maricopa County are supporting Lisa Gray and her AZ Party Builders team for Maricopa County Republican Leadership.

Jeff Weninger, Vice Mayor
Jack Sellers, Council Member
Keven Hartke, Council Member
Nora Ellen, Council Member

El Mirage
Jim McPhetres, Council Member

John Lewis, Mayor
Jenn Daniels, Council Member

Ron Aames, Vice Mayor
Tony Rivero, Council Member
Jon Edwards, Council Member

Bill Gates, Council Member

Onnie Shekerjian, Vice Mayor

“I am proud to support Lisa Gray, Paul Brierley and the entire AZ Party Builders Team. They are the conservative leaders that Maricopa County needs right now. Please join me in supporting the AZ Party Builders Team.” – Jeff Weninger, Chandler Vice Mayor
"Over the past few years we have built a strongly conservative Town Council in Gilbert, and it's making a huge difference. I am excited to see a Team like Lisa Gray's Arizona Party Builders that will build our party to win elections at all levels. I've seen their work, and I know they are exactly what we need for our party." - Jenn Daniels, Gilbert Town Council

“We are delighted to have the support and trust of city leaders from across the County” said Gray. “Strong relationships between elected leaders and the grassroots is one of our priorities; having their support shows we’re already on the right track.”

Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates EndorsesLisa Gray and her team for Maricopa County Leadership

Phoenix - Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates, known for being fiscally responsible and stopping frivolous government spending, today announced his endorsement of Lisa Gray and her team for leadership of the Maricopa County Republican Party.

"I am proud to support Lisa Gray and the entire Arizona Party Builders team to lead the Maricopa County GOP. As a former District Chair and past member of the County GOP Executive Guidance Committee, I believe Lisa Gray and the Arizona Party Builders team have the experience and focus to grow the Maricopa County Republican Party and lead the party to success in the 2014 elections."

"Bill Gates has a history of strong leadership in the Maricopa County Republican Party, and is now bringing fiscal transparency and efficiency to the City of Phoenix," said Gray. "I share Bill's passion for transparency, and I am honored that someone with Bill's background and understanding of the Republican Party would endorse my team to lead us to success in the upcoming elections."

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