Friday, January 25, 2013

The Finish Line is in Sight! Two More District Chairs Support

Brings the total of endorsements to 5 County Chairs and 16 LD Chairs

PHOENIX — Today, Robert Graham announced that he had received the support of two more LD chairmen for his run for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Terry Rapp (Chairman, LD 27) and Jerry Clingman (Chairman, LD 16) joined the overwhelming list of county and district chairs who have pledged their support for Robert Graham.

“In a very difficult race, it’s good to know we have two very capable and selfless candidates,” Rapp said. “However, we can only choose one, and I have determined that Robert Graham has the edge and deserves my vote. I am placing my trust in his commitment to conservative values and his ability to lead our party through the next two, very critical, years. I appreciate his vision and his skills to marshal ALL of the talent and resources in the Arizona Republican Party to regain the Republican political leadership of our state. We cannot continue the slide that’s occurred over the past two elections, and Robert has the ideas and can muster the support and cooperation to reverse that trend. I look forward to his support at the Legislative District level and supporting him at the CD, County, State, and even to Arizona’s conservative leadership to the nation.”

“I have met with Robert Graham many times,” Clingman said. “We have discussed the issues and problems. I believe he has the youth, energy, and experience to create a united, powerful and winning party.”

“It has been a pleasure to get to know these two chairmen,” Graham said. “Like all the county and district chairs in this state, Terry and Jerry are firmly committed to seeing our party succeed and to holding firm to the principles that have always defined our party. I look forward to working with these two men and their districts if I am elected as your AZGOP chairman to make sure that we elect more Republicans!”

Terry Rapp and Jerry Clingman joined the extensive list of county and district chairs who have come out in support of Robert Graham, which includes Carolyn Cox (Chairman, Pima County), Joy Staveley (Chairman, Coconino County), Keith Alexander (Chairman, Graham County), Jonathan Lines (Chairman, Yuma County), Pamela Burruel (Chairman, Gila County), Cathy Schwanke (Chairman, LD 1), Rhonda King (Chairman, LD 4), Donna Alu (Chairman, LD 9), Richard Brinkley (Chairman, LD 11), Dr. Bob Branch (Chairman, LD 13), Tom Crosby (Chairman, LD 14), Cherie Scott (Chairman, LD 19), Ray Malnar (Chairman, LD 20), Kevin Payne (Chairman, LD 21), Eric Morgan (Chairman, LD 22), Paul Whetten (LD 25), Scott O’Connor (Chairman, LD 28), Charlie Ellis (Chairman, LD 29), and Timothy Schwartz (Chairman, LD 30), to endorse Robert Graham.

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona's Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook page.


About Robert Graham

Robert Graham is a conservative activist and AZ business leader. He was a leader in the fight against taxes and the destruction of our party system, successfully working with the grassroots to defeat Propositions 121 and 204 in the 2012 election. Congressman Trent Franks, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, Arizona House Majority Leader David Gowan, Rep. Steve Montenegro, Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, Arizona Latino Republican Association and numerous Arizona conservative leaders have endorsed Graham to lead the Arizona GOP.

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