Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer in Response to Proposed Immigration Reform Plan

Statement from Governor Jan Brewer

“I have been in contact with Senator McCain regarding the now released immigration reform ideas presented by his working group of Senators. I am pleased that there is expressed recognition of what we have been saying in Arizona: immigration reform will not succeed unless and until we have achieved effective border security. If this occurs, it would be a triumph for the rule of law and a testament to the united voices of Americans from across our country who have been clear in their call for the federal government to uphold its duty to secure the border.

“Our nation cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past by pursuing immigration reform before tangible and effective border security, particularly in the Tucson Sector, is completed. That is the lesson of the last major immigration reform effort in 1986. The promise of border security was broken, and Americans - especially in border states like mine - have been paying the price ever since. We must not – and will not – let that happen again.

“In the weeks ahead, I will review the specific details of this immigration plan when proposed in actual legislation. I am hopeful that the immigration system is reformed in a manner that combines the rule of law and human compassion, while strengthening the United States’ competitive position in the world.

“In the meantime, I’ll be speaking with Arizona ranchers, business leaders and other residents of the border region, as well as law enforcement. I will continue to talk with those on the front lines and I will make sure their voices are heard. I am committed to do everything within my power to make certain our federal government finally upholds its obligation to secure America’s borders.”


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