Thursday, January 31, 2013

Senator Bob Worsley comments on the Immigration Reforms proposed by Sens Flake and McCain

“I’m encouraged that there has been a comprehensive immigration reform bill proposed again,” he said. Worsley, who has heavily emphasized his more moderate approach to immigration reform, said he is happy that the work is being done “in the right place – in Washington.” But he said the issue of citizenship for those who are already in the country illegally is “still the sticky wicket.” “I’m not opposed, for the young people that came here as children, to a citizenship pathway for them. But our view has always been that those who entered the United States without lawful authority should go to the back of the line,” he said. The citizenship issue needs more discussion, but Worsley said the undocumented immigrants he personally knows are more concerned about staying in the US legally than acquiring citizenship. “I’m just excited that Washington has got the political will now to deal with this... so we can start to bring people that share our values into our party,” he said.

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