Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Momentum! Robert Graham Endorsed by Three More County Chairs

Brings the total of endorsements to 5 County Chairs and 14 LD Chairs

PHOENIX — Today, three county AZGOP chairs and three AZGOP LD chairs endorsed Robert Graham for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, joining two county chairs and eleven LD chairmen who had previously endorsed him.

Carolyn Cox (Chairman, Pima County), Joy Staveley (Chairman, Coconino County), Keith Alexander (Chairman, Graham County), Donna Alu (Chairman, LD 9), Richard Brinkley (Chairman, LD 11), and Tom Crosby (Chairman, LD 14) joined Jonathan Lines (Chairman, Yuma County), Pamela Burruel (Chairman, Gila County), Cathy Schwanke (Chairman, LD 1), Rhonda King (Chairman, LD 4), Dr. Bob Branch (Chairman, LD 13), Cherie Scott (Chairman, LD 19), Ray Malnar (Chairman, LD 20), Kevin Payne (Chairman, LD 21), Eric Morgan (Chairman, LD 22), Paul Whetten (LD 25), Scott O’Connor (Chairman, LD 28), Charlie Ellis (Chairman, LD 29), and Timothy Schwartz (Chairman, LD 30), to endorse Robert Graham.

“Robert Graham is the kind of knowledgeable, motivational speaker that the Republican Party desperately needs,” Cox said. “And his pledge to unite all the Arizona county parties is needed. We know that our message of personal responsibility, rule of law, competitive markets and private property rights create more liberty and a higher standard of living that any other economic system. We also know that the difference between a citizen and a slave is America's Second Amendment of our Constitution. Robert Graham is my choice for Arizona State Party Chairman. I urge other State Committeemen to vote for Robert Graham.”

“Recently I had the pleasure of hearing from Robert Graham himself, and I was extremely excited about the prospects of his becoming our next AZGOP Chairman,” Staveley said. “Our state party needs a strong vision and a solid plan, and after listening to Mr. Graham, I am convinced he has both! I was especially impressed with his plans to include all County and LD Chairmen in his vision, and make all of us a part of the process and progress. Robert’s strong business background is an obvious plus for the job of AZGOP Chairman, and his realization that the Democrats have been defining our Party for far too long, is right on the mark! Robert intends to get us off the defensive, and on the offensive. I’m all for that! Robert Graham knows that the job of the state party is to get Republicans elected. He believes he can bring back the ‘fire and purpose’ that conservatives had in AZ, but which has fallen away over time. I have faith that Mr. Graham can execute his Plan, and deliver on his promises. I felt an enthusiasm in the room after he spoke, and a hope that we could strengthen our Party and keep our wonderful, pioneering state red! I wholeheartedly support Robert Graham for AZGOP State Chairman.”

“I am proud to support Robert Graham as the next chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” Alexander said. “He has a proven record of fundraising to build on our existing debt-free foundation.”

“I am endorsing Robert Graham because I believe he has the skills and the desire to unite all factions of the Republican Party in Arizona,” Alu said. “He addressed legislative districts and other Republican Clubs to gather support for the defeat of Propositions 121 and 204. Robert fights hard for what he believes in and has the ability to raise necessary funds to help elect Republican candidates. Robert will energize the grassroots and bring enthusiasm back into our party.”

“The Arizona Republican Party needs a leader,” Brinkley said. “It needs a leader with the courage of conviction. Robert Graham is this leader.”

“Robert Graham demonstrated a grasp of the issues facing LD 14 months ago now,” Crosby said. “He was accessible when we needed him. I endorse Robert Graham.”

“I am overwhelmed with all of these endorsements from these Republican leaders from around this great state of Arizona,” Graham said. “We have a lot of momentum on our side, but I am not taking one single state committeeman vote for granted. If I am elected as your state chairman, I will not betray the trust that all of these Arizona GOP leaders have placed in me. Let’s win this election and move on to winning elections against Democrats!”

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona's Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook page.


About Robert Graham

Robert Graham is a conservative activist and AZ business leader. He was a leader in the fight against taxes and the destruction of our party system, successfully working with the grassroots to defeat Propositions 121 and 204 in the 2012 election. Congressman Trent Franks, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, Arizona House Majority Leader David Gowan, Rep. Steve Montenegro, Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, Arizona Latino Republican Association and numerous Arizona conservative leaders have endorsed Graham to lead the Arizona GOP.

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