Friday, January 18, 2013

Lynne Breyer: Volatile candidate for AZGOP SECRETARY on slate with Doug Little, both supported by failed chairman Tom Morrissey

Tea Party activist and Jim Deakin supporter, Lynne Breyer, is running a stealth campaign for the AZGOP Secretary while riding shotgun with chairman candidate Doug Little.  Outgoing chairman Tom Morrissey supports both candidates. 

Morrissey’s support of the two LD23 candidates should be enough reason for every State Committeeman to vote for Robert Graham and Linda White as the next chairman and secretary. 

Two years of Little & Breyer would bring more disaster for the Republican Party. No money, no ethics, no outreach, no future.

Throughout our personal and civic lives, we have had to compromise our wishes and cooperate with others for the greater good.  Usually, compromise is a four-letter word in politics.  Not this year.  Not in Arizona.

In the 2013 race for leadership of the AZGOP, both the political insiders and grassroots volunteers have come together in a spirit of compromise and cooperation to work together, at least this one time, to make sure that Robert Graham is elected as the next chairman of the AZGOP.

That same due diligence must carryover into the race for secretary as the State Committeemen cast their vote for Linda White.

In a heartfelt letter written to his vast database of grassroots volunteers today, former MCRC Chairman Rob Haney went on record to say that his support for Graham goes far beyond a mere endorsement.

Haney’s personal letter emotes the kind of trust, commitment and affection that a father has for his son or young protégé as he hands over the keys the day he retires from the family business.  Haney also supports the election of Linda White over Lynne Breyer.

It’s obvious, even to us here at PM, that Haney’s letter is coming from a man who has fought the fight and is now ready to entrust his beloved party faithful in the hands of another. 

Rob Haney believes that Robert Graham is the man who can lead the Republicans into the future.  The establishment believes that Robert Graham is the man who can lead Arizona’s Republicans into the future.

We may not ever agree again, but we must do what’s right on January 26th.  Vote Graham.  Vote White.


Barbara said...

Isn't Lynne Breyer the one who was kicked out of a Tea Party for sending an e-mail full of information in support of Morrissey without the approval of the board? Also isn't she the one who co- founded the Scottsdale Tea Party that had to close it's doors for lack of participation? Just Asking opinion background information needs to be checked and verified.

Barbara said...

OH! I forgot Lynne Bryer was also as the original domain owner of Arizona Freedom Alliance. See Story May 9 2012
Before Lynne Bryer went underground she was listed as the owner of the Arizona Freedom Alliance domain, she has since made it a proxy domain hiding the ownership. Once a Tea Party Chairman she was kicked out for not consulting with executive committee. She is also the culprit that hoodwinked the delegates with her e-mail to Precinct leaders that although Tom Morrissey had never been a member of a Tea Party he was a good friend of her husband and he would make a good GOP Chairman. To be a member of this hate group you sign up and she calls you to verify that you can belong. I don't belong but, I receive their e-mails.

Tony GOPrano said...

Thank You Barbara for these brilliant insights! Breyer is trying to make Robert Graham look bad, but it is backfiring on her.

We will have more next week! Thanks for your comments!