Thursday, January 17, 2013

LYNNE BREYER: Doug Little’s sugar-mama, just appointed Republican PC in March 2012

Much maligned tea party wanderer, LD-25 “election fraud” investigator and new AZGOP cheerleader Lynne Breyer is on the prowl.

Instead of trying to prey upon another tea party group, this extreme-cougar has snared AZGOP chairman candidate, Doug Little, in her lair of extreme-conspiracies. 

Breyer had some help seducing Little to the dark side of the tin foil moon.

According to several sources, outgoing AZGOP chairman Tom Morrissey has been a longtime family friend and client of Breyer’s financial planner husband, Richard, for almost 20 years. 

Morrissey had been grooming Little for a run at the chairmanship of the AZGOP (despite initially giving businessman Robert Graham his support and blessing) but needed to call for backup once statewide support for Graham became an obvious stronghold.

Morrissey called in a favor from brand new 2012 GOP precinct committeeman Lynne Breyer. Breyer and her husband were appointed PCs in the old LD8 (Little’s LD) in March 2012 and elected PCs in the primary election.

Morrissey needed Breyer’s database of tea partiers, protest activists and conspiracy watchdogs as a platform from which to launch Little’s candidacy.

Breyer and Morrissey debuted a suited-up Doug Little at the hastily scheduled Arizona African American Republican Committee’s January 1, 2013 inaugural celebration of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation at Eastlake Park in South Phoenix.  A.J. LaFaro, Tom Husband and protest activists Art & Edwina Olivas attended Little’s debut as well.  At least Little was able to get the requisite photo with flags for his website at this event.

Just one week later, Little waffled his way out of an AZGOP candidate’s forum and told Scott O’Connor he was going to concentrate on his business and sit out this election.  

Two nights later, the indecisive Little changed his mind again in front of a near-captive audience at an LD-23 meeting celebrating its endorsement of A.J. LaFaro.  When addressing the audience, Little became enraged, called Graham an SOB and restarted his campaign, on the spot.  Graham walked in the room a few minutes later, just in time.

The LD23 meeting was just seven days ago and Little’s supporters are hard at work trying to be the spoiler, ala Jim Deakin.  Breyer should know how to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks.  Her activism includes a stint volunteering for Deakin’s failed US Senate primary race.

For all our readers familiar with email urban legends, Doug Little is Exhibit A, straight from the desktop of Lynne Breyer.

In the last few weeks, Lynne Breyer and Doug Little have fanned the flames of the blogosphere and email inboxes, choosing to make up lies and innuendo about Graham’s character, business and fundraising acumen without looking into the mirror first.

Little’s short-circuited candidacy has been manufactured and promoted by the same people that forward emails to each other titled “Beware of death by cyanide at department store perfume counters” or “Molotov cocktails thrown into open car windows as gang yells POOF-BALL”. 

No amount of discussion, persuasion or fact-finding missions will sway the faithful who allow themselves to be deceived by phony email threats and Manchurian Candidates.  

Lynne Breyer and Tom Morrissey are hoping their database of patriots choose to give into the paranoia and live each day in fear, a direct violation of God’s plan for all of us.  

It’s time for the God-fearing not people-fearing patriots to stand up to so-called leaders like Lynne Breyer & Tom Morrissey and say, ENOUGH!  
I choose to have faith in a candidate that I have vetted, not you.  I choose to leave a political party and legacy in Arizona for my children and grand-children.  I choose Robert Graham to be the next chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

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