Monday, January 21, 2013

DOUG LITTLE: IRS tax cheat, faced foreclosure on McDowell Mountain mansion - $1 Million in debt, guest house now FOR RENT

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Doug Little, candidate for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, has been lauded by many conservatives as a man of impeccable credentials with an executive sales background who made tens of millions of dollars for software firms. 

Last week at the Western Pinal Republican Club’s candidate debate, Little proclaimed “I am a proven rainmaker for money”.

Lynne Breyer, Little’s slate sister and candidate for AZGOP secretary, says she has thoroughly vetted him and there is NOTHING there.  


Only if you consider the recent foreclosure attempt on his home and multiple IRS tax liens nothing

Arizona public records give a verifiable and documented account of Doug Little’s irresponsible and negligent personal & business financial management. 

According to the Maricopa County Recorder, Little’s personal & business financial mismanagement began with the Small Business & Self-Employed division of the Internal Revenue Service in 1994 when the first of five delinquent assessments through 2002 was made by the IRS.  

Between February 2002 and October 2003, two separate IRS liens, covering multiple yearly assessments, had been filed at the MCR – to the tune of almost $28,000.  Little was granted two certificates of release by the IRS in July 2005.

Little’s financial mismanagement issues surfaced again in early 2006 when he and his wife, Linda, purchased their current 5,000+ sq ft gated McDowell Mountain horse property for $1.035 million with an adjustable rate $700K first mortgage and an open-ended second mortgage up to a maximum of $280K

Two months later, Little sold his Scottsdale bachelor pad (purchased in 1998) at a profit of almost $400,000. 

Flush with cash, in June 2007 the Littles refinanced both original mortgages into one fixed rate $886K mortgage.

Less than one year later, in May 2008, the Littles took out a $94K home equity line of credit (HELOC).

Towards the end of 2008, Linda Little received a big promotion to Director of Sales at her longtime employer, Clear Channel Communications. 

In April 2010, a self-employed Doug Little filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State, announcing that he was a candidate for the AZ State Senate in the old LD8.  Little’s campaign was self-financed with a grand total of $962 in the coffers.  

Instead of running a campaign for a $24,000 per year job at 1700 W. Washington, Little should have used that $962 to pay his mortgage.

In January 2011, Little’s mortgage company reassigned his delinquent loan to a foreclosure servicer, California Reconveyance Company.  A Notice of Trustee’s Sale was filed with the MCR.  

Little’s home was due to be auctioned off in front of the Maricopa County Superior Court building on April 26, 2011.  But almost four weeks after the auction notice was made public, Little’s original loan was reinstated and the Trustee’s Sale was cancelled.

Another source shows that Little’s financial woes might be continuing into 2013.

Little may have a significant enough cash-flow problem that it warrants the need to rent out his 1100 sq. ft. pool casita.

The RE/MAX Excalibur Realty website currently lists the casita at Little’s gated horse property for rent at $1,300 per month with a 12-month lease. 

Are these financial problems the type of executive achievements the AZGOP desires in its next chairman?

If the HQ of the AZGOP had a pool casita, surely it would’ve been advertised FOR RENT in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 as well.  

The cash flow crisis at the AZGOP is legendary.  Why should the bleeding continue under the chairmanship of Doug Little?

It shouldn’t and it can’t.  The state committeemen must take heed and proceed cautiously.

A financially troubled man should not have access to the numerous federal and state accounts of the AZGOP.  Easy access to capital is much too tempting for someone who has, so often, been in personal financial trouble.


Barbara said...

Unbelievable why does the AZ GOP keep doing this to themselves? Are they hell bent on destroying what's left of the AZ GOP.I also have a question WHO IN HADES IS LYNNE BRYER TO VET A CANDIDATE FOR AZ GOP CHAIRMAN? THAT SHOULD BE DONE BY A COMMITTEE OF FORMER GOP CHAIRMAN.NOT A PERSON WHO POST ON A PROXY DOMAIN. Doug Little ANOTHER FINANCIAL LIGHT WEIGHT RUNNING FOR AZ GOP CHAIRMAN. SEE ALL INFO ON FORECLOSURE OF DOUG LITTLE'S HOME. Trustee Sale cancelled STILL ELECTING AN AZ GOP CHAIRMAN WHO NEEDS TO FOOT THE BILL FOR HIS TRAVELS AND CAN NOT PAY HIS MORTGAGE IS NOT GOOD BUSINESS FOR THE AZGOP. And to top it off he has Lynne Bryer as a running mate. Lynne Bryer who was also the original domain owner of Arizona Freedom Alliance. See Story May 9 2012
Before Lynne Bryer went underground she was listed as the owner of the Arizona Freedom Alliance domain, she has since made it a proxy domain hiding the ownership. Once a Tea Party Chairman she was kicked out for not consulting with executive committee. She is also the culprit that hoodwinked the delegates with her e-mail to Precinct leaders that although Tom Morrissey had never been a member of a Tea Party he was a good friend of her husband and he would make a good GOP Chairman. To be a member of this hate group you sign up and she calls you to verify that you can belong. I don't belong but, I receive their e-mails.

Barbara said...

I received this e-mail from a friend…It seems after doing a little investigating if you don’t agree with the owner of American Freedom Alliance domain they suspend you. The owner of a blog domain certainly has the right to publish what they please, however if you really believe in freedom everyone should be able to voice their view as long as they don’t hide behind anonymous.E-Mail below
I have been SUSPENDED from the Arizona Freedom Alliance by Lynne Breyer!
So much for freedom if you do not agree with her toxic thinking!
I went to check their website because, I have not been getting any emails this past week and signed in and the message came up that I was suspended....
I won't miss it one bit, this is nothing but a "Hate Site “and certainly not a productive Republican Publication...These folks are anti-everything, bias and consumed with hate
and it is quite obvious their actions exhibit it! Very divisive people running this site! Most members are only there to see what they are up to...

Unknown said...

What is wrong with these crazies, starting with Lynne Breyer and Jim O'Connor. Both are trying to destroy the Tea Parties and the Republican Party, I have said for aa long time if you can not keep your ego in check you do not belong int he public arena.

Now we hear Doug little has financial problems, not only were we lied to about Lynne's vetting of Doug but did Doug tell lynne lies? Who lied to whom? Or are we the scape goats for Team Little and his entire campaign while they are lying to all state
Republican's? This needs to be taken care of by Saturday's mandatory meeting.