Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meet the Team: Rene Lopez

Rene Lopez
Candidate for 2nd Vice Chairman

Hello, I am running for re-election as your MCRC 2nd Vice Chairman. Per the bylaws, my primary role is to be our liaison to Republican Clubs and Organizations. I have created out of whole cloth a Clubs and Organizations database, which has allowed us to reach out and get them working with their legislative districts.
I plan to continue building our county party into a frequently sought-after resource for all districts, clubs and organizations. Having been involved now for 4 years, most recently as LD17 Chairman, I believe that I offer experience and a fresh perspective to ensure we work smarter not harder.
PC Training is the primary passion that started my involvement with the grassroots of the Party. When elected I look forward to working with the MCRC team to deploy a countywide PC Training effort.

As a second and a half generation native Arizonian born in Mesa, and a U.S. Naval Officer Veteran I am proud to be part of the AZ Party Builders team, bringing the leadership we need to the county. I would be honored if you would consider re-electing me as your 2nd Vice Chairman, and would appreciate your vote.
Positions Held
• Current 2nd Vice Chairman, MCRC Executive Guidance Committee
• Chairman, Legislative District 17
• MCRC Executive Guidance Committee Member
• AZGOP Executive Committee Member
• State Committeeman
• Precinct Committeeman
• 1st Vice Chairman, Legislative District 21
• 2nd Vice Chairman, Legislative District 21
• Operations Committee Chairman, Legislative District 21

Learn more about my experience and background by clicking here.

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