Monday, December 03, 2012

Dekookification lives on! By Laurie Roberts - The AZ Republic

The election may be over but Operation Dekookification 2.0 commenced this week, as Republican Party operatives took a giant step toward reentry into a big tent.

I am getting reports from several legislative districts that some of the kookier Republicans were dismissed as state committeemen this week, meaning they won’t have a role in selecting new party leadership in January.

These are folks who call Jon Kyl – and just about anybody else who disagrees with them – a RINO, folks who seem determined to collapse whatever remains of the big tent into a pup tent. They are the birthers, the conspiracy theorists who this week began mounting an effort to overturn Barack Obama's election, claiming massive voter fraud.

Among those ousted at this week's GOP district meetings were a pair of the tea party faithful, Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Rob Haney and former state Chairman Randy Pullen.

Next up: getting Lisa Gray elected as Haney's successor.

“Change is coming finally, Laurie …,” one Republican committeeman told me. “We are weeding out these ‘Kooks’. They are self destructing too! The good, reasonable & thoughtful Republicans who want to do what is best for our state are finally making progress.

We just need to make sure Haney's hand-picked AJ LaLafaro does not become the County Chairman!”

LaFaro's the guy who pushed hard behind the scenes earlier this month to oust Senate President Steve Pierce and House Speaker Andy Tobin from their leadership spots, saying they weren't conservative enough. Really.

"Pearce and Tobin should be thankful the Republicans here in Arizona haven't built a gallows in Prescott's Town Square," he told The Arizona Capitol Times.

Now LaFaro wants to head the county party.

Change is (hopefully) coming.

If you doubt it, check out SeeingRedAz. They seem to be crunching on gravel today.

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