Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Brief Word ABout Amendment Two By HJS

A Brief Word About Amendment Two
The Second Amendment is not about hunting and sports shooting. I know I must repeat that statement—especially for some senators I know. The Second Amendment is not about hunting and sports shooting. It is about self-defense against those people who would hurt an individual citizen, a family or group of citizens, or the entire nation be those misanthropes foreign or domestic. A lone citizen on his way from work at night, for example, should be able to defend himself if he should suddenly find himself outnumbered by others with nefarious intentions. Similarly, a family living in the inner city or the edge of town should be able to defend itself from whoever threatens it. Anyone who argues for diminishing or deleting the Second Amendment simply does not believe we have or should have the right to defend ourselves as individuals, families, or groups. Let’s face it; there are groups of people who would like to see the American people defenseless for some reasons they keep to themselves. I have no doubts their agenda is not in our best interest. The real tragedy is that we voted for some of those people! Normally, you can tell who has the wrong agenda whenever we have a tragedy so bad that politicians should stay out and shut up, but instead do neither. And still normally, they usually get everything backwards and try to make fools of themselves and victims of the rest of us.
By the way; once the Second Amendment is gone, forget the First. As the saying goes: “When the Second is first, the First is second.”

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