Saturday, November 03, 2012

Obama Calls For Revenge

By now, you’ve probably heard that Obama admonished his supporters in Ohio yesterday, "No, no, no -- don't boo, vote. Vote! Voting is the best revenge."

Romney referred to the revenge comment at a rally in New Hampshire later in the day. His words are captured in this 30-sec ad, “Revenge or love of country.”

When asked what Obama meant by “revenge,” Obama spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki covered for him as best she could, "The message he was sending is, if you don't like the policies, if you don't like the plan that Governor Romney is putting forward, if you think it's a bad deal for the middle class, then you have power -- you can go to the voting booths and you can cast your ballot." 

Psaki lied, and Romney missed the point. Obama wants revenge (dictionary definition:  punishment or act of retaliation) in a very personal sense. From Obama’s perspective, Romney’s challenge is a personal affront, and a nuisance. Remember last month when Obama told Rolling Stone that kids look at Romney and say “Well, that's a bull-shitter, I can tell." That kind of vitriol reflects deep-seated contempt.

Obama’s contempt for Romney and the challenge he represents is not only disturbing in itself but also exemplifies the President’s broader disdain for our very system of government. He has no respect for the states (since when do presidents hire teachers?), Congress (whether or not one supports the DREAM Act, Congress didn’t pass it), the courts (the president’s dressing down of the Justices at last year’s SOTU was a first), or the people of this nation (who clearly didn’t want ObamaCare).

Put aside Obama’s epic failures on the economy and on foreign policy. Put aside the likelihood of impeachment hearings over Benghazi should he be reelected. Still, this president is unfit to occupy the Oval Office for another four years by virtue of his unbridled arrogance and contempt for the American way.

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Tony GOPrano said...

Opinion Maven,

An excellent symopsis of this entire 'Obama Revenge' mess. Personally, I think Obama is really jealous of Mitt Romney because HE actually built something! Obama has never built anything but class warfare and racial bias! American has a golden opportunity to send the Obamanation packing to Hawaii! Don't let your ass hit the door on your way out Obama!