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Worked with Socialists, Communists and Anarchists

1) Sinema is “a self-described former socialist.”
As a sitting legislator, Sinema gave a speech in 2006 in which she identified herself as a former socialist and said voters would “remove ‘overweight white men’ in favor of candidates ‘more like myself, individuals of an oppressed minority.’”

“I'm really looking forward to the revolution,” she said.

She continued, “I just said that on camera…oops!”

 2) Sinema worked with anarchist groups to organize massive protests On March 8, 2003, Sinema was the lead organizer of a protest in conjunction with the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition. In February 2002, Sinema went on the radio to invite “anarchists, socialists, and communists” to a protest she was organizing.

Sinema also participated in a May Day 2002 protest organized by the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition that became violent, Sinema wrote at the time that the anarchists were “okay with weapons and property destruction . . . Personally, I was okay with that because, if I had felt uncomfortable with their guidelines or felt that I couldn’t follow them, I would have chosen not to attend the event.”

 3) Sinema signed Communist Party’s solidarity statement

In 2002, Sinema signed a 'May Day' solidarity statement in 2002 for the Communist Party USA's newspaper, the People's World Weekly. Arizona Community Party director Joe Bernick co-signed the statement. Sinema again signed the statement in 2003.

 4) Sinema promoted and worked with Pagan and anarchist leader Starhawk
Sinema organized a February 2003 lecture and training at ASU for Starhawk, a self-described “witch” who is a leader in the pagan and anarchist movements. On the night the Iraq War began, Sinema wrote:

“We’ve started an amazing dialogue with Starhawk and want to continue our work. Let’s remember that our email is being monitored and what individuals say on email may be used in the future by law enforcement and/or the court system. So while this dialogue is important, it might be more strategic for all of us to have these conversations in person, not over email. In solidarity, Kyrsten”

5) Sinema participated in Pagan rituals

Sinema went with Starhawk to an anti-trade protest in Miami where Sinema said she was “singing and spiraling in the pagan’s circle.” Luis Fernandez, an activist who traveled to the protest from Arizona with Sinema, described this as a “complex ritual involving yarn, mud and tree branches. By the end of the ritual, protesters were wearing feathers and branches on their heads and some were covered in mud. They had also spun a large colorful yarn web . . . when the group arrived at the middle of the intersection, they promptly tied the giant web to several streetlights, effectively blocking the intersection with yarn.”
Luis Fernandez, Policing Dissent, (Rutgers Press: 2008), page 2.



Protested the U.S. Military and American response to 9/11

6) Sinema was the featured speaker at Code Pink protest of a U.S. military recruitment center.

On March 18, 2006, while a member of the Arizona State legislature, Sinema was a speaker at a Code Pink protest of a military recruitment station.

Sinema also founded the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice, which frequently demonstrated at U.S. military recruitment centers and defense contractors, including Raytheon.

7) Sinema was among extremists who opposed a military response to 9/11
Sinema’s position – in 2012 as in 2001 – is that America was wrong to use military force in Afghanistan to go after bin Laden, dismantle al Qaeda, and dislodge the Taliban from power. She has said that she was “one of the core organizers against the war from day one (September 12, 2001).” Every member of Congress, except for Rep. Barbara Lee of California, voted to go to war on September 14, 2001.

8) Sinema advocated “world disarmament”
Sinema wrote in June 2002, “I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful justice, but we are a peaceful justice group opposed to the use violence and weapons in all situations. You might know that we believe in world disarmament.”

9) Sinema said it was “fine” for Americans to fight for the Taliban Army against U.S. troops

 10) Sinema promoted convicted “terrorist lawyer” Lynne Stewart

After “terrorist lawyer” Lynne Stewart was charged with aiding terrorist leader Sheikh Rahman, the architect of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, communicate with his terrorist organization by passing notes from his prison cell, Sinema promoted Stewart’s “Emphatically Not Guilty” speeches at Arizona State University. Sinema’s email stated that, “Since 9/11, in the name of the ‘war on terrorism,’ Stewart and others have been targeted on the basis of their political views.”

Stewart was convicted and is currently in federal prison for aiding terrorists.
11) Sinema advocated closing Luke Air Force Base
As a candidate for the state legislature, Sinema once wrote in her Arizona Republic questionnaire, “I do that not support keeping Luke Air Force Base open.”

 12) Sinema continued to promote an activist who opposes the existence of Israel until 2011
Sinema promoted Marwan Ahmad in 2011 with a Ramadan video recorded for his website, five years after she and others were forced to retract their endorsement in 2006 of the directory he published that did not list Israel as one of the countries in the world. Ahmad had openly raised money for Hamas in Phoenix through the Holy Land Foundation, which was shut down by the FBI for aiding terrorists and its leaders sent to prison.

Denounced Capitalism, Pushed for Record Tax Increases

13) Sinema decried capitalism
In a letter published in the Arizona Republic, Sinema wrote, “Until the average American realizes that capitalism damages her livelihood while augmenting the livelihoods of the wealthy, the Almighty Dollar will continue to rule.”
(“Capitalism Damaging,” Kyrsten Sinema, February 22, 2002)

14) Sinema would ‘greatly increase’ taxes for families making $75,000 or more

Democratic Party Described Sinema as ‘Too Extreme’
15) When Sinema ran for office as a Green Party candidate, the Arizona Democratic Party called her ‘too extreme’

“The race was fairly placid until the final week, when Sinema said the state Democratic Party sent out a mailing calling her ‘too extreme for central Phoenix.’"

“Democrats Claim State House District 15,” The Arizona Republic, Nov. 7, 2002



16) Sinema twice ran for office as a member of the Green Party

When Sinema ran for Phoenix City Council in 2001 and for the Arizona House in 2002, she had the backing of the Green Party.
17) Sinema was the spokesperson for the Green Party
According to her own website, Sinema served as the “state media contact for Green Party.” She actively campaigned for Ralph Nader in 2000 and was listed by the Green Party as their Arizona media contact through December 2003.

Made Controversial Statements Regarding Stay-at-Home Mothers

18) Sinema described stay-at-home mothers as ‘leeches’
As a sitting legislator, Sinema said in a 2006 interview: “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life. That's bulls**t. I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?”


‘Mistakenly’ Cast Wrong Votes, Took Most Junkets in State Senate

19) Sinema admits she doesn’t read bills and votes wrong way by mistake
Sinema said that “legislators don’t read bills.” On multiple occasions, Sinema has mistakenly voted the wrong way on a bill.

Voted in Extreme Minority on Crime Issues
20) Sinema was the only House member in a 58 to 1 vote to oppose raising the penalty for a DUI when a child is in the car.

 21) Sinema was the only House member in a 57 to 1 vote to oppose a bill to allow trained parole and peace officers to carry concealed weapons.
The bill was signed by Gov. Janet Napolitano in 2006.

22) Sinema was the only House member in a 51 to 1 vote to oppose allowing juries to increase the sentence for felons who have previous convictions.

 23) Sinema voted against increasing penalty for drive-by shootings.
In 2009, Sinema voted against a bill to make a drive by shooting a felony murder. The bill was passed unanimously in the Senate and passed by a 50 to 5 margin in the House.

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