Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Everybody in town was excited by the Arizona Cardinals 4 - 0 start in September. People were talking Cardinals again. Things were great!

Go forward to November. After Sunday's embarrassing loss to the St. Louis Rams, the Cardinals have now lost 7 straight games (that's a first in NFL history).

Fans are calling for the Cardinals to FIRE Coach Ken Whisenhunt! I agree 100%! Whisenhunt is a below .500 coach; 6 game losing streak last season & so far a 7 game one this year.

The Super Bowl run can now be shown to be the play of Kurt Warner, NOT the coaching of Whisenhunt! This IS Whisenhunt's team, he & Rod Graves made the Draft picks, chose the Free Agents.

Since the retirement of Warner, the Cards have tried 6 different QB's. All handpicked by Ken Whisenhunt, all dreadful failures.

Looking at the rest of the 2012 schedule, 4 - 12 is looking like a reality. Can Ken Whisenhunt & Rod Graves survive this? Time will tell.


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