Tuesday, November 06, 2012



I have had the honor and privilege to be friends with Congressman Jeff Flake for nearly 10 years! He is one of the most honest, hard working politicians Arizona has ever seen!

I've never seen Jeff say a bad word about anyone. How he can remain calm like he does when he gets hit with 'cheap' shots by his 'competition', is beyond me. (Unlike his opponent who has 'temper issues')

Jeff Flake fought hard for years to get rid of Earmarks. He went against his own Party in this battle, that he eventually won!

Jeff Flake is a fifth-generation Arizonan, raised on a ranch in Snowflake, Arizona. Jeff has represented the Sixth District of Arizona since 2001, and currently serves on the House Committee on Appropriations. During his tenure in Congress, Jeff has established himself as leading conservative reformer and led the way for the current ban on earmarks. Leading national taxpayer groups consistently rank Jeff among the most fiscally conservative members of Congress.

Prior to Congress, Jeff served as executive director of the Goldwater Institute. In this role, Jeff worked to promote policies of limited government, economic freedom, and individual responsibility.

Jeff is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he received a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Political Science. Jeff and his wife, Cheryl, live in Mesa with their children.

Let's give President MITT ROMNEY a United States Senate that he can work with, please cast your vote for JEFF FLAKE FOR U.S. SENATE!

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