Thursday, November 08, 2012


"Pierce and Tobin should be thankful the Republicans here in Arizona haven’t built a gallows in Prescott’s Town Square.”

- AJ LaFaro, candidate for Maricopa County Republican Party chairman, on Pierce and Tobin’s performance as leaders.

Congratulations to House Speaker ANDY TOBIN for his victory yesterday in the election for Speaker of the House!

So what does Rob Haney, his 'Hand Puppet' A.J. LaFaro, Russell Pearce, & AZ GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey do during the most important General Election of our lifetime?

They spent their time trying to help get rid of Mr. Tobin!

Tom Morrissey, the WORST Chairman the AZ GOP has ever had, even issued a statement on the day before the election.

Morrisey was pandering to Tea Bag Nut Cases like Steven Konut, Kook-In-Charge of the Pinal County GOP.

These morons think they had some 'influence' in the Senate President race where Andy Biggs won by a 9 - 8 vote. The only reason Biggs won is that Don Shooter, who had pledged his vote to Steve Pierce, LIED and voted for Biggs. Had NOTHING to do with these kooks and their threats.

Andy Tobin raised over $500K for Republican candidates. Every single candidate I have spoken to told me that the that the AZ GOP & the MCRC did NOTHING to help any candidates.  How much did Rob Haney, Morrissey & LaFaro raise? 

Rob Haney, your 15 minutes of fame are almost over. We will be exposing Haney & his gang for the RINO's they really are!