Tuesday, October 09, 2012

State Rep. Amanda Reeve on fire - setting the Democrats straight - By Jon C. Altmann, PM Contributor

LD28 candidate forum held by the Sunnyslope Village Alliance this past Tuesday saw a hard charging State Representative Amanda Reeve setting the record straight.

A lot of LD28 is the former LD11, which has had one Democrat filled seat since 2006. Twice, Republicans have tried to knock out Liberal pro-abortion Eric Meyer.

Meyer has been on the Scottsdale School Board while serving the current and previous term in the Legislature - it seems one elected office is not enough (but allowed under state law). This time Meyer is not running for the school board seat again, but he is looking to get a third term as a Democrat in what is otherwise a Republican district.

Not if Amanda Reeve can help it. Reeve, first appointed by County Supervisors three years ago to the LD6 house seat vacated by Sam Crump, got re-elected then moved this past year by redistricting into the new LD28. Republican Kate Brophy McGee is the other LD11 turned LD28 House member. McGee led in the 2010 LD11 House race winning her first term, now seeking her second.

Meyer has won in 2008 and 2010 by slightly more than 1% of the vote. Tuesday night, he talked more like a candidate for school board then a two-term veteran legislator. He painted a dreary picture for education funding, blamed the Republicans for everything from poor graduation rates to poor SAT scores.

The reality is in the last session none of the bills Meyer was the prime sponsor of saw the daylight. He is in the minority, yet somehow the Phoenix Chamber endorses him and then he backs taxing professional services and other ideas that generally Arizona businesses oppose.

But Meyer's nattering nabob of negativism litany did not go unchallenged Tuesday. Amanda Reeve took it head on like an Army Ranger charging taking ground and said the Legislature has done a lot of good and Eric is painting a bad picture unnecessarily.

Amanda Reeve spoke to inheriting a Janet Napolitano budget that the state could not afford and after years of tough cuts, cuts that Reeve said affected her personally, the state is now solvent again.

"We went from having the second worst state budget deficit in the country - California was the first - to now being in the black," Reeve said Tuesday night to an audience filled with community activists.

Reeve cited that they passed significant legislation that helped increase the school standards and has put in place new measures to bring common sense accountability to public schools. She challenged Meyer that his sinking ship analysis is flat wrong.

On point, she said Arizona is now in the top three in new small business starts and solar energy - far cry from Meyer's "sky is falling" song.

Also at the forum were the two Maricopa County District 3 Supervisor candidates - Republican incumbent Andy Kunasek and Democrat Lilia Alvarez. Alvarez attacked Kunasek and the sitting supervisors for not doing enough on EPA air pollution rules.

Reeve took her on. Reeve is a paralegal with a major environmental law firm in Phoenix and probably the one Legislator out of 90 that knows more about environmental law. Alavez was reduced to unqualified squeaking and no basis in fact by Reeve setting the record straight. Alvarez bragged about having a masters in public health and recently graduating from law school, but could not cite any job she has had, other than some type of community organizer.

Amanda Reeve cited that the Legislature has passed laws to bring equity to an otherwise run-away Federal attempt to impose more rules that do nothing for air quality and everything to cost Arizona businesses jobs and income. After Tuesday night, she might think twice before stepping in front of the Amanda Reeve Fact Express.

Eric Meyer says he is a physician - in fact, he no longer has a license to practice, having not renewed his license in 2001 after only 13 years of practice. Meyer, who got a subsidized taxpayer paid education at the University of Arizona Medical School, did not stay even 20 years - the reason Arizona subsidizes Arizona kids who get accepted to its own medical school, trying to keep them as doctors. Meyer has "Dr." on his signs, but he can't write a prescription for anything. There may be a "doctor in the house," but he now can do little more than CPR.

Perhaps the best Rx for LD28 is let Dr. Meyer go home and let a hard working Arizona woman who knows about women's health care, knows about environmental law and generally knows what it is like to work her way through school - let her take the lead.

Meyer was not at his best and if had been hyperthermic Tuesday night, he needed only to be near the incinerating heat given off by Amanda Reeve on fire

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