Monday, October 22, 2012

Richard Carmona's 'Joe Biden Foot In The Mouth Moment'!


Jane Dee Hull, who served as Governor of Arizona from 1997 to 2003, today scolded Richard Carmona, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, for an insensitive comment he made on Thursday regarding the appearance of CNN’s Candy Crowley.

“Making a joke about a woman's appearance says a lot about someone's character and judgment,” said former Arizona Governor Jane Dee Hull. “Why would Richard Carmona think that degrading the looks of a respected journalist is funny? Legitimate questions have been raised about Richard Carmona's treatment of women, and his so-called ‘joke’ should make it clear that Richard Carmona does not respect women.”

Governor Hull also noted that she was among the Arizonans that recommended Carmona for Surgeon General, but she has concluded that he simply does not have the right temperament for the United States Senate.
Mesa City Councilwoman Dina Higgins today reacted to Richard Carmona’s offensive so-called joke regarding the appearance of CNN’s Candy Crowley.
Councilwoman Higgins, who attended the debate and witnessed Carmona’s remark, said: “I can say that there was absolutely no excuse for it. It was in extremely poor judgment. Arizona voters, especially female voters, deserve an explanation from Richard Carmona about why he thought an insensitive comment like that was funny.”


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