Saturday, October 13, 2012

Martha McSally Stands with Southern Arizonans

Martha McSally Stands with Southern Arizonans

Ron Barber Divides voters into Political Parties

Tucson - This morning, Martha McSally responded to Ron Barber's announcement of his Republicans for Barber coalition.

"While Ron Barber would like to separate us all into Republican versus Democrat, I chose to look at all of us as Southern Arizonans in this together for the future of our country," said Martha McSally. "This kind of divide and conquer behavior is typical of Washington politicians and is exactly why Republicans, Democrats, Independents and everyone in between are joining our campaign to provide leadership regardless of Party and solutions regardless of credit. These are tough times and we are dealing with real problems, the people of Southern Arizona deserve better than these petty politics of division."

"For someone who votes with Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats 89% of the time, it's no wonder that Congressman Barber would run to a few Republicans and claim a bi-partisan mantel," said McSally Campaign Manager Bruce Harvie. "The voters in Southern Arizona won't be fooled. They know Ron Barber is a Washington politician that would rather attack a war hero like Martha McSally than talk about his record in Congress. Leaders don't call all Republicans rich white men, leaders don't divide the nation into Republican and Democrat - leaders stand up for all individuals and fight for what is right. That's why Ron Barber's time in Washington will end in 25 days."

Amy Wilson, a registered Democrat in the 2nd District had this to say about Martha McSally:

"As a Democrat I'm proud to support Martha McSally. She is the only candidate with the leadership skills and dedication to work across party lines to fight for real solutions for Southern Arizona."

Martha McSally is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. In 2001-2002, Martha McSally earned national recognition for successfully overturning a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to wear Muslim clothing when off base in Saudi Arabia.

Join Martha in calling for this ad to be taken off the air via Twitter ( and by reposting this post on Facebook,( And please visit her website,, for more ways to join Martha's campaign.


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