Friday, October 05, 2012

Martha McSally Releases New Television Advertisement - "STRIPES"!


McSally Releases Television Advertisement

Congressman Jim Kolbe Touts McSally, Criticizes attacks

Tucson - Martha McSally's campaign today released their third television ad of the General

Election named "stripes" with Congressman Jim Kolbe.

"Congressman Kolbe is a great leader and I am proud to have his support in this election,"

said Martha McSally. "It's time we set aside the partisan attacks and get to work for the people of Southern Arizona. These are tough times for Americans, and Congressman Kolbe understands that it is going to take a leader in Congress to fix the problems we all face together. There is no place for misleading scare tactics and lies, the people of Southern Arizona deserve the truth and a leader that will focus on what is important. We need to put aside our petty differences for the good of the district and the good of our nation - that's what I've done my entire life and it is what I'll do in Congress."

The advertisement will be running on broadcast and cable television in the 2nd Congressional District beginning today, October 4th. You can view the ad here:

Martha McSally is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. In 2001-2002, Martha McSally earned national recognition for successfully overturning a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to wear Muslim clothing when off base in Saudi Arabia.

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