Saturday, October 27, 2012

Martha McSally - Just 11 days left


Tuesday night I had the opportunity to debate my opponent about the serious issues that are facing this nation and our vision for the future. It was a chance for voters to see the stark difference between myself and Ron Barber and an opportunity to make an informed decision on who they want to send to Washington D.C. to represent Southern Arizona. After Tuesday evening, the choice is clear.

My priority is to get Southern Arizona's economy working again by bringing down the debt, putting a stop to the out of control spending and to defend small businesses and families from government programs and over reach. I will champion small business because I know they are the source of prosperity and the tool that will pull this economy out of the recession. Ron Barber wants to continue raising taxes and stifling our economy.

We are just 11 days away from this election being decided, and the race is incredibly close. I need your help. We will be buying our final television ads on Wednesday, and after going over our budget, we are still $30,000 short from our budget goal. It is vital that we can match our opponent on television over the next week as the remaining undecided voters are making up their minds. Please consider donating of $250, $100, or even $25 to my campaign today.

It is vital voters know and understand that Ron Barber is more interested in his next election than the next generation. It is time to get rid of tired, old partisan ways of Washington so we can have a bright future with new leadership. It is time to change this country and reform the way we do business, it is time to change direction. Can you help me in this fight for our country?

Please invest in my campaign by donating $250, $100, or even $25. I promise that every last dollar will count towards victory and a bright future for Southern Arizona.

Thank you,


Martha McSally for Congress

1331 N. Wilmot, Suite 220

(520) 488-9286

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