Friday, October 12, 2012

Martha McSally Endorsed by Leading Jobs Organizations

McSally Endorsed by Leading Jobs Organizations

NFIB and the Chamber of Commerce Endorse McSally for Congress

Tucson- Two of the Nation's largest business groups, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the United States Chamber of Commerce (U.S. Chamber) have endorsed Martha McSally for US Congress. NFIB is the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses with a mission to protect the rights to own, operate, and grow small businesses. The U.S. Chamber is the world's largest business organization representing over 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions.

"I am honored to have earned endorsements of the NFIB and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These prestigious organizations represent the true engine of growth in American small businesses," said McSally. "When I get to Congress I will fight to clear the way for small businesses to grow by proposing pragmatic solutions that lead to economic growth, put people back to work, demonstrate fiscal discipline and decrease our debt."

NFIB and the U.S. Chamber are non-partisan and endorse only those candidates they trust to protect free enterprise across America. They choose their candidates based on their support and interest to advance legislation that will encourage economic growth, job creation, and a less intrusive government.

"At no other time in our history has it been more critical for the members of Congress to protect the interests of small business," said McSally. "As I've discussed over the past several months on the campaign trail, small business growth is the key to a more prosperous future for everybody. I am grateful for the faith and trust both the NIFB and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have placed in our campaign. Washington is broken and we need to elect leaders that understand the problems and have the political will and determination to fix them. I am ready to get to work and in turn get the great people of our nation back to work."

Martha McSally is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. In 2001-2002, Martha McSally earned national recognition for successfully overturning a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to wear Muslim clothing when off base in Saudi Arabia.

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