Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Jonathan Paton Where I Stand

Create Jobs & Rebuild the Economy

The economic recession has affected all of us, including my family. And while we all hope that the economy get better, it seems that everything Washington does only seems to make things worse.
Obama’s current approach is sending our jobs overseas. Government is standing in the way of businesses growing and hiring by forcing job-crushing policies like Obamacare on us. Over-regulation is killing major industries in rural Arizona, such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining, and forestry.
If we are ever going to get jobs back in our economy, we need to get government out of the way.

Stop the Government Spending Addiction

Government is spending more money than it takes in. I believe in cutting, capping and balancing our federal budget. That’s why I support a balanced budget amendment to prevent the spending addiction we’ve seen in Washington. Cronyism and misplaced priorities has led to Arizona become a donor state. Our tax dollars are paying for wasteful projects in other states, like the “Bridge to Nowhere.” I will fight to make sure we keep our money before the federal government takes it, and to make sure we get back our fair share back after they do.

Utilize American Energy & Lower Gas Prices

Energy and gasoline costs are skyrocketing, and we are all feeling the impact. America has untapped energy supplies, including right here in Arizona. We need an all-of-the-above energy policy that reduces the regulations and red tape that are preventing Arizona from using our own resources.

Repeal Obamacare

ObamaCare is a giant weight that is preventing businesses large and small from creating jobs. We must repeal ObamaCare and stop its implementation. ObamaCare is an enormous cost that our country cannot afford and it risks diminishing the quality of health care we receive in this country. We need to bring down health care costs and create more competition, but this big government solution is doing just the opposite.

Secure the Border

I am proud to be the author of the nation’s first state-based human smuggling law, as well as voting for and helping to pass SB1070, Arizona’s immigration law.
We must secure the border and stop the vicious drug cartels from making further inroads into Arizona. Something is seriously wrong when signs must be posted telling visitors to stay away from national parks due to drug cartel activity — and yet the federal government does nothing about it.
Rather than mock the problem along our border, Washington needs do something about the urgent crisis we face that is bankrupting our schools and hospitals and putting our communities and law enforcement officers in danger.
We need a major influx of national guardsmen on our border, completion of the double layer fence, more technology and more checkpoints. I believe that border security is national security, and we must proceed with urgency.

Honor Our Veterans

As a Captain in the Army Reserve and a veteran of the Iraq war, I know first-hand the challenges America faces abroad and how dedicated our brave men and women in uniform are to keeping us safe. To face these challenges, America must continue to have the strongest military in the world and fight global terrorism on all fronts.
We also owe it to those fighting for us to make sure they have the safest and most advanced equipment needed to do their jobs. And when they return, we must honor our commitments and keep the promises we’ve made to our veterans.

Strengthen Social Security & Medicare

The worst thing about ObamaCare is that it cut Medicare by $500 billion and created a board of unelectable and unaccountable bureaucrats making decisions best left to seniors and their doctors. The Democrats’ government healthcare takeover empowers unelected bureaucrats to cut Medicare and endangers seniors’ access to care, threatening the doctor-patient relationship. I want to preserve and protect Medicare, and that starts with repealing ObamaCare.

Restore Trust & Reform Congress

We have lost confidence in our elected representatives because too many of them put their own self-interests ahead of what’s right for America. When I enlisted in the military, I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution – and that’s exactly what I’ll do in Congress.

Protect Arizona Values

I have a solid pro-life record and believe in protecting life from beginning to end. My parents taught me the importance of faith and freedom, and I carry those values with me every day.

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