Tuesday, October 09, 2012

FreePAC Arizona will be held Saturday, October 13 in Phoenix, Arizona at 1:30 PM

Since our massive FreePAC events in Dallas and Cincinnati, activists and supporters have requested a FreePAC in their neck of the woods – and we’ve been working triple-time to bring this opportunity to you.

Join us in Arizona October 13!

You’ll also hear top conservatives at the Call to Action Rally, pumping you up to Take America Back and shutdown the Progressives power grab schemes. Speakers like the always-entertaining Glenn Beck, Tea Party superstar and defender of federalism Michelle Ugenti, former conservative Congressman and 2012 House candidate Matt Salmon, former Cold Stone CEO and Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey, the electrifying Rev. C.L. Bryant, radio host Dana Loesch, author Deneen Borelli and more!

You’ll learn the best way to Get Out The Vote – grassroots tactics, traditional and social media strategies, and the leading technologies that will give you the power to turn back the tide of creeping socialism and restore America.

Earn free tickets to FreePAC by volunteering for FreedomWorks for America with event coordination before the event! Please contact Sam Stone at (520) 822-7162 or sam.g.stone@gmail.com
See you in Phoenix!

For Freedom,
Russ Walker
National Political Director, FreedomWorks for America

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