Thursday, October 18, 2012


All of us here at PM send our thoughts and prayers to Bill's wife Cathy and his family!   Bill Konopnicki was what every public servant should strive to be.   A nicer man you would never meet.   Thank You Bill for everything you did to make Arizona a better place! God's Speed!

The Republic | Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:43 PM
Bill Konopnicki, a Safford businessman who represented eastern Arizona in the state Legislature for eight years, passed away Wednesday evening at his Safford home.

Konopnicki told The Republic this spring that he contracted an auto-immune disease that eviscerated his liver within a matter of weeks. Since then, he had been searching for a liver transplant, a quest which eluded him.

Konopnicki, 67, had received hospice services at his Safford home, said longtime friend Ted Downing, who met Konopnicki when the two served together in the Legislature.

Downing early Wednesday evening said that he recently visited his friend with news about the "top two" primary, a measure to revamp Arizona’s primary-election system that is on the ballot this fall. The two were involved in early efforts to draft the measure.

Downing said he told Konopnicki about positive poll results, prompting a smile.

Konopnicki this summer had spoken against a legislative plan to offer an alternative ballot measure to compete with the top-two primary. The plan never materialized.
Konopnicki, a Republican, left the Legislature in January 2011 when term limits precluded him from seeking a fourth term.

Konopnicki represented eastern Arizona’s Legislative District 5, a sprawling area that touched seven counties and ran from the White Mountains to Safford.

Born in Michigan, Konopnicki’s parents moved to Yuma when their son was 5. He worked in education posts, from grade schools to community college to the University of Arizona, and later started WSK Managements Systems, which owns and operates nine McDonald’s restaurants and seven radio stations.

He is survived by his wife, Cathy, four children and numerous grandchildren.

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Jon C. Altmann said...

I am saddened at Bill's untimely parting from this life. He is another fine example of a good person who has served our state and done so with decorum. May the Almighty bless him and his family.