Monday, September 24, 2012

Sorry Wil Cardon, You're NOT going to be the AZ GOP Chairman Either!

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Rumors have been running rampant lately concerning Wil Cardon and his ambition to run for the Chairmanship of the Arizona Republican Party!

Cardon, who spent nearly $ 8 Million of his families fortune, only to get 'crushed' by Jeff Flake by nearly 50 points in the 2012 Primary for US Senate, has been reaching out to Tea Party leaders for their endorsement of his run for Chairman.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported back in 2010, and we quote, " Under state party bylaws and state statute, the party chairman must be a state committeeman."

Problem is, Wil Cardon is NOT an Elected Precinct Committeeman! Cardon lives in Mesa's Gene Autry Precinct. Here are the results of the recent election of PC's there:

Here are the rules regarding election of Political Party Officers in Arizona:

Sorry Rob Haney & Carol Turoff, your dream will NOT come true. Wil Cardon himself admitted at a Tea Party Meeting a few weeks ago in Surprise that he wasn't a PC & that he had not before been involved in politics (except that he helped raise $$$ for Jeff Flake). Another 'Priceless' moment in Arizona Politics!

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