Monday, September 10, 2012

Jim Waring event next Wed night Sept 12th

On September 12, 2012 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at the University Club please attend a fundraiser in support of the re-election of Phoenix Councilman Jim Waring.

Please join

Garry Hays
and the Host Committee

Michael Green, Marty Shultz, The Honorable George Weisz
Jeff Mirasola, Kyle Moyer, Ryan O’Daniel
The Honorable Deb Gullett, Bert Coleman, Chris Dahm
Jane Lynch. Joe Abate, Chuck Coughlin
Trish Hart. John Mangum, Bettina Nava
Tom Dorn, Steve Barclay, Susan Bitter Smith
John MacDonald, John Ragan, Ed Bull
Knox Kimberly, Brian Hummell, Gretchen Jacobs
Alice Lara, Todd Sommers, Molly Greene
The Honorable Stan Barnes, Barb Meaney
The Honorable Mike Gardner, Jennifer Woods
Ryan Harper, Julie and Jim Rees, Elise Piatt
Gretchen Kitchel, Kelsey Lundy, Nick Simonetta
Shiree Verdone, Steve Roman, Elaine Arena
Wendy Briggs, Jay Kaprosy, Jeff Sandquist
Chris Ward, Dianne Fitzgerld-Verbonitz, Emily Ryan
Stephen Anderson, Russell Smoldon, Paul Hickman
Bill Lally, Connie Wilhelm, Jackson Moll
Chad Willems, Max Fose, Colin Shipley
The Honorable Steve Tully, Steve Twist, Larry Pike
Jim Norton. Danny and Ann Seiden

Maximum individual donation is $430. Maximum donation from a married couple is $860 (those with a joint account may use one check). PAC contributions accepted. Maximum PAC contribution is $430 and $2,170 for a super PAC. No corporate contributions. Personal checks only, please. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Personal checks made out to “Friends of Waring” may be mailed to:

Friends of Waring
4366 E. Campo Bello
Phoenix AZ 85032

Donations are also accepted by credit card online at

The University Club is located at 39 East Monte Vista Road Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Please rsvp to or 602-451-0402
Paid for by Friends of Waring

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