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Up Periscope - Couples running for the Legislature - new trend? By Jon Altmann

Up Periscope

By Jon C. Altmann

Political Consultant - Veterans Advocate

Husband and wife and domestic partners - both can be found in the diverse Arizona Legislative races this year in both the Republican and Democratic tickets. This year must be the year of couples. But does the bliss of a relationship translate well as practical and independent choices for Arizona voters?

Let's take Sarah (state senate) and Daniel Coleman (state house) in Arizona's Legislative District 27. Husband and wife, both running in the same district, both running as Clean Elections candidates (and as of yet to achieve their funding). They are running in a district that has Leah Taylor Landrum as the incumbent State Senator and Catherine Miranda and Ruben Gallego as the incumbent State Representatives. Perhaps it is a strategy to run two Caucasians in one district with the hope that one breaks through.

Or let's got to Legislative District 30 for the all-Democrat, no Republican race has incumbent State Senator Robert Meza is running for re-election while his domestic partner, Michael Snitz is running in the house race with one open seat and Debbie McCune-Davis defending her incumbency. Jonathan Larkin, an Iraq War Marine Corps vet, is making a first time run. Snitz has already attacked Larkin, minimizing his military and combat experience.

The question arises if these two couples, the Colemans and Meza & Snitz, were to get elected to the Legislature, does it become a family caucus in their respective homes? The term "kitchen cabinet" evolves a new meeting. Instead of the Democrat or Republican caucus, there would be the domestic relations caucus?

Do these couple teams pose a conflict of interest? The complaint has risen that the Bush family dominated Washington, D.C., with father and son both being President. Or look at the Kennedy clan and its long run in politics, or even the Clintons?

The Coleman's don't hide that they are from the same address, but in doing a bit of research on Meza and Snitz, the addresses vary. Why hide? We are in a time when domestic partners, either hetero or same-sex, are beginning to out number the rest of us who decided marriage is still a great institution and tied the legal knot.

Let's look at the Meza and Snitz research:


Mailing Address:
1833 W Lewis Ave
Phoenix AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 421-1702

Filer Address:
1919 W. Virginia Avenue
Phoenix az 85009


Mailing Address:
1919 W Virginia Ave
Phoenix AZ 85009
Phone: (602) 327-2785

Filer Address:
1919 W Virginia Ave
Phoenix AZ 85009

Why the musical addresses in this modern age of recognizing marriages, partnerships, living together, etc?

Are Arizona voters willing to elect couples in the same household to the same Legislature?

About Jon C. Altmann

Jon is a retired Navy Senior Chief Intelligence Specialist, active nationally and locally as a leader in veterans organizations and a volunteer legislative activist in support of veterans. His efforts have led to the passage of new laws in Arizona and contributed to national legislative goals by the veterans military coalition before Congress. He is a small business owner operating a national public safety consulting service to city and county governments, having designed several of the nation's emergency medical response systems and helping municiple governments better plan the use of the fire and emergency response dollars during austere economies. He is also an independent political consultant with campaign victories to his credit in local and legislative races. He is a husband and father who donates his time as a church leader, an activist for education as a economic engine, and a counselor in youth educational programs. Above all, his steering axiom is: "Leadership is not for the risk adverse "

The views expressed by Jon C. Altmann are his own and do not represent or otherwise reflect the positions of any government or military agency, veterans organization or other community group.





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