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As a member of the Tea Party and a frequent speaker at most Yavapai Tea Party events, I felt the need to at least provide the Internet "Distribution Community" with facts so that they may judge me with all the details available.

Unfortunately, many of the circulations have no signature or may even have a person who is paid to coordinate such attacks. Accusers who don't sign their name have little credibility if any, as sad as that is, it's the world we live in.

1) Attack number one is I am pro-union.

In my 4 years in House Legislature leadership, we have passed at least 8 bills opposed by unions in Arizona. The one bill I am being attacked for is the same bill the House passed in 2011 that the Senate made sure exempted public safety unions. I suppose they had their reasons for exempting. I heard many commented that many of the police and fire members are conservative, pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro business Republicans. I remember members speaking of the Arizona Fire fighters Association support for Sen Kyl over Mr. Petersen in 2006.

The Pay check bill being discussed is and was opposed by former Senate President Russell Pearce. He drafted this when he was endorsed by the United Mesa Fire Fighters Association Union this year; clearly former member Russell Pearce still has influence with some members of the legislature.

I share this with you so you can have some sense of the fact that Senators, despite their vote and public perception, helped back off their "seat mates" votes when it made it to the House. I find it fascinating that score card groups can promote Russell Pearce, knowing about this position.


They call him one of their chief conservatives and in fact award him Pro-Taxpayer designations, as they attack the entire House membership who didn't even get to vote on this bill as amended but actually authored, debated and managed, this year alone, the Arizona Personnel Reform bill, the Arizona Consolidated Elections Bill and the Workers Compensation Reforms Bill. All four are House bills. All got signatures from the Governor and signed into law. All originating from the Arizona House of Representatives. Russell Pearce gets praised as a conservative even though he adamantly opposed the paycheck bill and accepted, if not sought out, a union endorsement. While the bill comes to the House that is short the 31 Republicans to pass it. All the while, Russell Pearce gets to oppose it not work votes off the bill in the House.

It is true that my brother Brian had been President of the Arizona Fire Fighters Association. He also is on the pension board for Arizona's Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS). I grew up in a family of 6 children raised by a New York City Policeman and my mom, the daughter of Bronx County Assistant District Attorney. Irish Catholic and Republican, uncommon in NYC for sure. I love all my family and none of us are always in agreement. My wife and I don't always agree either. I do, however, apologize to my brother that his service has been drawn into this political race. As an unwritten rule I don't think campaigns, candidates or PAC's should be using family. My brother supported and helped with the public pension reforms of 2011 despite some great pressures from many in the fire community that didn't want to change much in retirement contributions.  Brian saw the problem and agreed that employees needed to pay more of their fair share.

I'm fairly certain he would have disagreed with me on the other 8 bills I passed that were not union supported. So much for nepotism. You can't pick your family, but if I could, I would pick Brian Tobin as my brother for his integrity and love of our nation, God and his family. The truth is that my brother Brian Tobin and Russell Pearce agree that paycheck protection is bad law. Sadly the score card groups only hurt me and House member scores.

I don't believe that the business community (I'm endorsed by the Arizona, Phoenix, Prescott Chambers of Commerce, NFIB and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, to name a few. None of these groups would have done so, of course, if I were pro-union, none believe that I have been light on unions. The person who I feel was most opposed by unions recently was Wes Gullet in his 2012 race for Phoenix Mayor. Thanks to Wes' courage and the legislature, we passed Personnel Reform this year and the Consolidated Elections bill which were both opposed by unions. Both originated in the House.
We passed business improvements to the workers compensation laws as well as protect our secret ballot with an initiative I helped walk through the legislature as Majority Whip (Save Our Secret Ballot) and Pension Reform in
2011.......etc.. here.

Here's a letter I received months ago from Wes Gullett:
Wes Gullett Sets Himself Apart
As Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives and a long-time leader in the Republican Caucus, it's hard to find anyone who's been more involved in the Arizona Republican Agenda than Speaker Tobin. During his years of leadership, Andy spearheaded three years of balanced budgets, cut taxes, paid down the state's debt and worked to grow jobs when Arizona needed most needed them.

No one knows better the effects of unions on a conservative campaign than I. Andy Tobin fought for me in my race to become Mayor of Phoenix. Now I am hearing false accusations that Andy's not tough enough on unions. Let's set
the record straight: Andy's record on promoting our workforce and eliminating burdens put forth by the unions is second to none.

During his time in Leadership, the Legislature passed bills to guarantee secret ballot elections for Arizona workers, reform the state's personnel system, protect the paychecks of union members (which, unfortunately, was thrown out by the Courts), protect non-union grocery stores and consolidate
our elections so that unions don't have an unfair advantage in city elections. Additionally, he was one of the prime architects of reforming Arizona's pension system, much like Governor Walker did in Wisconsin. Only a negative, untruthful campaign would suggest Speaker Tobin is anything less
than a stellar supporter of private enterprise and private sector job growth.

Even the US Chamber of Commerce awarded their annual Institute for Legal Reform State Leadership Award to Speaker Tobin this year. The last winner of that award was none other than Governor Scott Walker himself. Does that sound like someone who's not tough on unions?

Andy's leadership and love for our state has helped Arizona recover from its recent recession. He came to office when Arizona needed him most. We still do.

Wes Gullett

Personally, I and many Republicans see our public safety folks as heroes. I spoke about 911 in the You Tube video below.


I disagree with many of the union policies and my record clearly shows how much I have led to curtail unions in Arizona. However, my members were clear that this bill didn't have their support to tell our public safety people to annually renew their dues. I immediately pressed ahead on personnel reform which passed and consolidated elections, which also passed. I support Gov. Walker; I made a modest contribution to him. I wrote to all my congressional delegation to support a national effort to have all states become "right to work" just like Arizona.

The claims that I bullied Rep Ugenti with Rep Stevens as a witness are flat out lies. I spoke to Rep Ugenti and Rep. Stevens about this "tall tale" and both say it never happened. These kinds of intentional lies should be tracked down and apologies made. It's so absurd, I was contemplating not
even addressing it but felt you should know to call them.

2) Attack number 2. I held the Sen Judy Burgess UN Bill.
This is also absurd and both Judy Burgess and the Arizona Tea Party liaison to the capital have written denouncing such stupidity in transmitting this kind of lie.

Good morning friends and neighbors:

This is Senator Judy Burges and I just received a text message from Speaker Andy Tobin that several stories about SB1507 United Nations Rio declaration; prohibition are being circulated. SB 1507 was heard in Judiciary by Chairman Eddie Farnsworth on March 15, 2012 (6 yes, 2 no, 1 absent) SB 1507 passed Rules Chaired by Representative Jerry Weiers on March 26, 2012 (5Y to 4N) Representative Bob Robson being the no Republican vote; Speaker Tobin a Yes.

SB 1507 was heard in Republican Caucus March 27, 2012. SB 1507 was due to be heard in Committee of the Whole on April 17, 2012; I do believe that I asked to have it held on that day. SB 1507 was heard in Committee of the Whole and discussed April 25, 2012, where Judiciary Chairman, Eddie Farnsworth, did a masterful job of debating the bill.

After polling the Republican caucus, I found that we did not have sufficient votes to get the bill passed. We had 40 Republican legislators in the house. I could lose 9 votes but not 10 as it takes 31 votes to get a bill passed out of the house. I then asked that the bill be held. In retrospect, I should have sent the bill to the floor for a vote as it would
have put those who would not support SB1507 on record.

I do hope that this clears up everyone's concerns with regard to SB1507.

Sen Judy Burgess


Hello fellow patriots,

As Legislative Liaison VP for the AZ Tea Party Patriots Association (ATPPA), it is my responsibility to represent many of the views of independent tea party groups at the legislature with the Members and in return, carrying
their Bills back to the Tea Party's
I want to take this time to offer my condolences to Sen. Burgess for the sudden loss of her husband Bob. You are in our thoughts and prayers Judy!
Speaker Andy Tobin

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