Monday, August 27, 2012

Prediction: Kirk Adams Will Defeat Matt Salmon | Noble Thinking

written by Sean Noble

[Disclaimer: Kirk Adams is a client of my firm DC London, Inc.]

Kirk Adams is the epitome of a “young gun.” A fearless leader who is willing to stand up to special interest and protect taxpayers from an intrusive government.

His primary opponent, Matt Salmon, has spent the last ten years as a lobbyist – even lobbying to PASS Obama’s health care bill in 2010.

Salmon has outraised Adams and racked up a series of endorsements from former Congressional colleagues. Adams has landed the endorsements of legendary crooner, Pat Boone, Newt Gingrich and none other than conservative king-maker, Sarah Palin.

At the end of the day, voters in AZ-05 will have to decide whether to send a former Congressman-turned-lobbyist back to Congress or send a reform-minded, true conservative.
Although he is a severe underdog, I predict they will pick the reform-minded, conservative Kirk Adams.

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