Friday, August 10, 2012

Nancy Barto: Champion for Patients' Rights; Champion for Arizona

Nancy Barto: Champion for Patients' Rights; Champion for Arizona

Nancy Barto has championed patients' rights in her time at the Capitol. She believes we need leaders who understand the importance of having the states, not the Federal Government, determine the direction of their healthcare programs and is dedicated to passing real reforms that keep patients and their doctors in control of their healthcare.

Obamacare costs $1.76 Trillion, cuts $564 Billion from Medicare, hits Americans with $564 Billion in new taxes, creates 159 new boards and agencies and won't lower health care costs. Nancy Barto knows affordable healthcare without a huge new government "solution" is possible. In fact, it is vital to our economy, our health and our liberty.

She recognizes enabling a free market and protecting patient choice must be the focus:
  • Curbing Medical Malpractice Lawsuits will provide a better business climate for physicians and reduce rampant defensive medicine practices - hiking health care costs.
  • Maximizing Insurance, Minimizing Third-Party Payors - returning financial power to consumers by building on Health Savings Accounts and other competitive insurance options.
  • Portability - health insurance should not be dependent upon a job or lost when one changes jobs. States need a competitive and robust individual health insurance market.
  • Transparent Prices - consumer-driven healthcare systems can only be effective if patients know what health care costs.
  • The Uninsurables - affordable risk pool for patients with pre-existing conditions.

Nancy has passed or sponsored important legislation at the state level to achieve these goals. Legislation such as the Healthcare Freedom Act, HB1593 - insurance across state lines, small business pooling, patient privacy rights and tort reform. With the health care challenges ahead, we need someone like Nancy Barto to stand strong for Arizona patients and citizens.
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