Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Matt Salmon conveniently takes both positions on Joe Arpaio


Former U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon, parlayed his personal relationships and knowledge of Congress into a career as a D.C. Lobbyist, after a failed bid for the governor's seat in 2002.

Some clients of his firm included two members of PHRMA, the big pharmaceutical alliance that spent $150 million promoting the passage of Obamacare. When Salmon formed his own firm, Upstream Consulting, these clients followed. According to public disclosure filings, Salmon's firms were paid $190,000 to help expand Obamacare to include drugs sold by his clients. 

Presumably to advance his reach into members of Congress, Salmon also made personal donations of $500 to Democratic members Ed Pastor and Joe Baca in the last election cycle, who during that same legislative session were voting for Obamacare.

Though there is nothing illegal about Salmon's behavior, we find donating to Democrats and lobbying for expansion of Obamacare, and then running on a platform of "opposing" it, is unethical to say the least. We feel voters deserve full disclosure. We have created a commercial to bring this fact to voters' attention.

On a lighter note, we highlight Matt Salmon's amazing political dexterity -- his ability to switch positions for personal gain -- by pointing out his opportunistic flip-flopping on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Salmon has been extremely critical of Sheriff Arpaio over the years. Yet when Salmon wanted to switch roles from "opportunistic lobbyist" to "Mister Conservative," he knelt and kissed Arpaio's ring to play to the Republican primary voters who revere Arpaio as a conservative icon.

Air time has been purchased to help inform voters.

Arizona Public Integrity Alliance is a non-profit corporation dedicated to public education around issues of public integrity. AZPIA is currently focused on improving the transparency and accountability of elected officials with regard to gifts from lobbyists and special interest groups, and is launching a campaign to lobby for reform.

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