Friday, August 10, 2012

LORI KLEIN - the WORST State Senator in Arizona history!

As a longtime resident and voter of the former LD-6, I know just how bad LORI KLEIN has been for not only our Legislative District, but for the entire state!

Klein was named as one of the 'Top Ten Kooks in Arizona Politics':

Sen. Klein "pulled a gun" on reporter Richard Rueles. Here is what the Arizona Republic had to say about the incident:

An Arizona Republic article on Sunday reported that Sen. Lori Klein, R-Anthem, casually pointed a gun at a newspaper reporter. Her actions drew criticism on Monday. The article stated that Klein pointed her .380 Ruger handgun while aiming its laser site at reporter Richard Ruelas last month. In statements to media organizations, Klein said there was only one instance where she turned on the laser sight, and she wrote that Ruelas sat himself down in front of it.

To clarify the incident, here is an audio clip and a transcription of Klein's taped comments during the interview in the state Senate lounge. She references two times in which she pointed the weapon, including the instance at the reporter. Republic photographer Mark Henle was taking photographs and also contributed to the conversation.


Richard Ruelas then explained what happened to Channel 12's Brahm Resnik:


These are just a couple of the embarrassing moments Lori Klein has created in her reign as State Senator from LD-6. Klein now is running for the House in the new LD-1! I can guarantee that the great people of LD-1 will NEVER allow Lori Klein to represent them! More on Lori Klein in the next few days.....Stay Tuned!

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