Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Dishonest Dave:

In February 2011 Dave told Politico he was very happy with the Whip team and their hands-off approach:

“They’ve really become more of a service organization - both the leadership and the whip team,” said Arizona Rep. David Schweikert, a freshman congressman on the GOP whip team. “There is a certain theory out there [that] I’m picking up from leadership, that if we give enough information, we’ll see we’re going in the right direction - instead of them telling us, they’re letting us come to that conclusion,” Schweikert said.

A few months later, Dishonest Dave was kicked off the Republican Whip team for promising to vote one way and then voting the other way, intentionally lying and deceiving Republican leadership.

A source close to Dave described the episode in the following way “He’s been pretty clear and pretty adamant that nobody can buy his vote, so he was a little frustrated with the way leadership asked him to vote on certain occasions,” the source said.

“So, he decided it would be best for him to step out and leave the whip team because he couldn’t align with them in certain areas. In no way, shape or form did leadership kick him out, but they made it a pretty inhospitable environment for him to actually vote his conscience and not buy his vote on the whip team.”

But Dave just said he was happy with the Whip process?

The Reality:

Dave was kicked off the Whip team for lying to House leadership and then lied about getting kicked off the Whip team. It never ends.

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