Friday, August 31, 2012

DC London Congratulates Arizona Primary Winners

DC London Congratulates Arizona Primary Winners

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, DC London, Inc., congratulated its many Arizona clients. DC London is dedicated to the belief that our state and our country are better served by those who believe individuals make the best choices for their families, and that small business owners really do build our economy. DC London’s mission over the past several months has been to ensure that those who share this belief are elected to office.

Today, DC London is proud to congratulate Jeff Flake (U.S. Senate), Steve Chucri (County Supervisor), Bob Worsely (LD-25), Warren Petersen (LD-12), Phil Lovas (LD-22), John Lewis (Gilbert Mayor), and Jared Taylor (Gilbert Council). DC London also congratulates Walt Opaska, Derek Arnson, and Kirk Adams, who all led honorable campaigns.

“Our nation is at a crossroads,” said DC London President Sean Noble. “The choice in November is very clear. We can continue down the path that President Obama has put us on – a government-controlled society – or we can change course and, as each of our candidates does, embrace freedom to once again create a nation in which honesty and hard work means getting ahead. Together, we’re fighting for a nation in which economic opportunity isn’t a campaign slogan, it’s promise to the next generation—a promise we can keep. DC London chooses clients who embrace these beliefs and will pursue the ideals that have made our nation great. Today, we can say, with certainty, we have chosen wisely.”


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