Thursday, August 09, 2012

David Schweikert early ballot scandal reporter Abby Livingston forced to RETRACT lies & apologize

A screen shot of Livingston's original sin

UPDATE:  Yesterday, Politico Mafioso published a story that caught Roll Call reporter Abby Livingston in a series of lies that claimed early mail-in ballot results in AZ CD-6 showed Congressman David Schweikert pulling away from incumbent Congressman Ben Quayle. 

Livingston's lies and Schweikert's shocking complicity have created fallout and disgrace for the young reporter - straight from K Street in Washington DC.

On Thursday morning, Livingston made a frantic and apologetic phone call to Quayle campaign HQ.  Apology not accepted.  

Quayle staffers quickly opened Roll Call's online version of Livingston's original article and noticed she DELETED her August 6, 2012 midnight sub-headline that falsely exclaimed:

 "Early Mail-In Ballots Show Candidate Pulling Away From Fellow Freshman Quayle in 6th District." 

They read further to discover Livingston also added a "correction" dated August 9, 2012 to the end of her shill piece for Schweikert.  She states,

 "An earlier version of this article contained a subheadline with incorrect information about early mail-in ballot counts."

The collusion between Livingston and Schweikert is a diabolical and blasphemous attempt to manipulate the election results in what all national media outlets have called the most contentious CONGRESSIONAL race in 2012.

Thankfully, Politico Mafioso caught these two with blood on their hands.

All of Arizona is awaiting Schweikert's response to the Livingston Roll Call scandal. Considering the mutual media & PR friends these two have, Schweikert will likely stay silent and let Livingston enjoy the ride under the bus.


Personal note to Abby Livingston:

The now deleted offending sub-headline is not just "incorrect information", Miss Livingston.  It is blatant "FABRICATED information" that you published.  You did so with the intent to brainwash, influence and taint all future local and national reporting of THE Congressional race to watch in 2012.  I know you already know that.  You called the game for Schweikert - by a mile.  You claimed you had local and national sources to back up your claims but you didn't name any, because you didn't have any.  You lied.  

A hard-copy edition of Roll Call, that featured your lies, was placed on every single desk in Washington DC on Monday morning, August 6, 2012. Every government staffer, elected official, lobbyist, journalist, DC insider and political junkie from K Street to Wall Street read your lies.  Neither you nor your Roll Call editors will recover from your widespread efforts call the election for Schweikert using non-existent early ballot results. 

Don't always believe what the little man in cowboy boots tells you. Hold your breath girl, it's a long way down.

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