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On Wednesday August 1, an article was posted on the Sonoran Moron Alliance Blog called "Jerry Weiers – Friend of Special Interests, Enemy of Glendale Taxpayers"! Here is a screen shot:

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Constantine Querard, the Sleazy, un-ethical Political Consultant, then called AZ GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey & Thayer Vershoor to complain and tell Shane Wikfors, still an employee of the AZ GOP, to take the post down!
Morrissey said that SA, 'could not go after a fellow Republican'? What kind of Bull Shit is Morrissey preaching now? What a bunch of hypocrites these idiots are!
VOILA! That same day, the post magically Disappeared!
Why is CQ so interested in the Glendale's Mayor race? His client is Jerry Weiers, who is running against 2 others for the position.
Querard & Morrissey are using the AZ GOP for their own personal political gain. Time for these imbeciles to be shown the door!
Here is the original article posted:
 Jerry Weiers -- Friend of Special Interests, Enemy of Glendale Taxpayers

Jerry Weiers, a candidate for Glendale’s mayor, tries to hold himself out as a conservative.  But after reviewing his positions and legislative history, he is misleading the voters.  In reality, Jerry is a friend of special interests and an enemy of Glendale’s taxpayers.

Jerry claims to support lower taxes but vehemently opposes Glendale’s initiative to reverse the recently passed sales tax increase.  With this 0.7% tax increase, Glendale has the highest sales tax (10.2% on retail purchases; 11.2% on restaurants and bars) of any large city in the County.  Glendale currently has the third highest sales tax rate of the 107 largest cities in the country and became #1 with this increase.  Wouldn’t someone claiming to oppose tax increases be aghast and oppose this increase

NOT Special Interest Jerry.  This $23 million sales tax increase will go towards paying Glendale’s $30+ million dollar a year subsidy to a special interest, the Phoenix Coyotes.  So Jerry thinks it’s OK for Glendale’s citizens to pay the highest sale tax in the county to subsidize professional hockey.

  True fiscally conservatives oppose the sales tax increase that is being used to subsidize a pro hockey team.

While supporting a tax increase affecting Glendale’s citizenry and small businesses, Jerry does support an exception of the sales tax increase applying to two millionaire new car dealers in Glendale, one of whom doesn’t even want the special tax break.  Jerry thinks it is fine to give tax breaks to two millionaire new car dealers while raising taxes on groceries bought by Glendale taxpayers.

   That’s Special Interest Jerry for you!!

But these positions by Jerry should not come as a surprise to anyone who followed his legislative career.  Overall, Jerry’s legislative career is unsurprisingly unaccomplished.   Jerry’s biggest accomplishment in his eight years at the Capital is his constant and persistent shakedowns of lobbyists and others at the Capital for money for the special interests he supports.   His constant shakedown of lobbyists became so blatant and offensive that another Republican state legislator introduced a bill last session to stop Jerry’s shakedowns. 
Jerry claims to be a fiscal conservative – also a lie.   Jerry was recently graded as “Needs Improvement by Americans for Prosperity, a leading fiscally conservative taxpayer’s group.

The proclivity of this current city council to give millions of taxpayer money to special interests has taken Glendaleto the brink of bankruptcy. 

Does Glendale really want a new Mayor who will continue those policies that have made Glendale the worst run city in Arizona? 

 Does Glendale really need another mayor who cares more about special interests than Glendale’s taxpayers and citizens?   

Glendale needs a truly fiscally conservative mayor – and that’s not Jerry Weiers.

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