Monday, August 13, 2012

BEN QUAYLE - Protecting Future Generations

Dear Friends,
In a few days my daughter Evie will be 11 months old!

I think I speak for all parents when I say that as we watch our children grow, we all want the same things for them: happiness, love, security and success. Unfortunately, the destructive policies of the Democrats have put the future of our children in jeopardy. We must elect a trusted conservative to make sure their liberal agenda doesn't affect the next generation.

I am the candidate in this race who has remained steady and unwavering on voting conservative on all the issues. I have a consistent record of defending life, marriage, and the family and have a proven record of standing up for the unborn.

I voted to permanently prohibit the federal funding of abortions and voted to defund and repeal ObamaĆ¢€™s healthcare law. National Right to Life gave me a 100% score on protecting life and the National Journal ranked me the #1 Most Conservative Member of the House.
You can see my full National Right to Life scorecard by clicking the image below.

We must make sure that our elected officials are governing with the next generation in mind. Please consider joining my campaign today to help protect the future.

Ben Quayle

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