Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ben Quayle defends trip to Israel - FOX 10 News

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By Miriam Garcia, FOX 10 News - bio

Arizona Congressman Ben Quayle is denying he took part in any inappropriate behavior during a fact-finding mission to Israel.

Quayle is accused of joining a group of lawmakers who were drinking and swimming at a holy site.
One of those lawmakers, Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder, actually stripped down naked and went skinny dipping that night. He has apologized.
Congressman Quayle is speaking out about the incident as well. He says he did go swimming, but says he didn't do anything wrong.

He also questions the timing of this -- just a week before the state primary.

"It's unfortunate that some people are trying to make it what its not and trying to use it for their political advantage," says Quayle.

Quayle says he never acted inappropriately and he says he never saw any inappropriate behavior.

"We weren't around it we didn't see it so that happened after we were already gone."

Quayle was there with his wife Tiffany who was 8 and a half months pregnant. After dinner at a restaurant on the Sea of Galilee, he went swimming for 30-seconds -- in shorts, he admits. Quayle wanted to grab some water to baptize their daughter.

"It was something that I wanted to experience because that's where Jesus walked on water so take that and then we went home."
Tiffany Quayle says the trip was very spiritual for her because her father had just died of cancer.

"I feel like people are playing politics with my memories and that to me is just a very sad state of affairs," says Tiffany Quayle.

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