Friday, August 24, 2012


I recently sat down with Bob Worsley to discuss his candidacy for LD25. I posed the following questions to him and here are his responses.


1. In your travels throughout LD-25, what are the top issues your constituents are concerned about?
Voters want lawmakers to move past the anger, vitriol, and partisan political bickering. We need to embrace civility in our legislative process and elevate the priorities of our state legislature. We need to stop passing so much new legislation, regulations and symbolic laws. Simplify, focus, and stop fighting.
Focus on the economy; bring quality jobs and employers to Mesa and the East Valley.
Pursue real education reform; balance the appropriate amount of attention to public and charter schools and listen to the parents, teachers and students... no more lip service about focusing on education. We need to be more creative and innovative with our education policies. 
Real illegal immigration solutions; not band aids and symbolic legislation.
Pension plans; show example by reforming the elected officials pension retirement plan so it’s viable long-term.
Health Care... Heavy cuts have been made to folks with severe disabilities; singles can’t get coverage from state. Prepare for Obamacare ramifications with either a President Romney or President Obama. Health insurance costs are the number one concern of small business owners.
Balancing the state budget without gimmicks and tricks... avoid another financial crisis. Replenish the Rainy Day Fund and no unconstitutional sweeps of agency and board funds!
2. What led to your decision to run for political office?
I was “drafted” by a group of conservative Mesa residents (many of whom are listed on my endorsements page) to run for this open seat when it became clear that my opponent was going to run after his Nov. 2011 recall defeat. I decided to accept the challenge based on a desire to elevate the reputation of Mesa, improve the dialogue coming from the people we send to the state capitol, and enhance the focus of work at the legislature. I felt a desire to give something back to my community and to serve as a resource and champion of economic growth and job creation.
Provide the voters of Mesa with a choice:
A pragmatic fiscal, social conservative nice guy with real world business experience. No more “my way or the highway” attitude.
A recalled 11 year hardliner politician with a fixation on anti-immigrant legislation who has stopped listening to voters and has been plagued by scandals and has exercised poor judgment in his actions and choice of words.
A frustration with the priorities of the state legislature.   I want to focus my attention on the economy and job creation, improve our education and healthcare systems vs. a fixation on media attention brought to Arizona and its elected leaders for extreme symbolic bills that are not practical nor meet the common sense test. (i.e. militias on the border, birth control legislation, regulating speech of teachers in the classroom). SB1070 served a purpose by getting the attention of the federal government, but now it’s time to move forward and focus on other critical issues facing AZ.
3. What can you bring from the business community into Arizona's political world to improve things for all Arizonans?
Experience in the private sector creating real economic growth. I was the 1999 E&Y AZ Retail Entrepreneur of the Year. I know how to start and expand businesses and create jobs.
I can speak to decision makers who are considering a move to or expansion in AZ and add business confidence to the state legislature.
I think the state needs to settle down politically so entrepreneurs can build confidence to start businesses and not have to worry about political instability and too many new laws. We have seen an exodus of professionals and businesses from AZ when we should be competing with neighboring states to attract folks here. This must be reversed otherwise we will see AZ’s economy struggle for the foreseeable future.
Shrink public sector in all areas and grow the private sector.
Slow down the rate of new laws being adopted in AZ. We are introducing bills at a breakneck speed. This is not a conservative agenda nor one that our Founding Fathers would have endorsed.
Focus on new business and jobs. I am serving on East Valley Partnership and other organizations in order to help attract businesses in all fields: medical, technology, colleges, real estate development, development of Gateway Airport, etc.
I would like to host an evening each month for new business IDEATION or brainstorming meetings. Many young entrepreneurs in the East Valley have asked for this opportunity while we were having meet and greets. I would like to host a gathering once per month to bat around new business ideas. Stimulating this kind of thinking will create new enthusiasm for business creation and will help our legislators get in touch with the business owners and entrepreneurs we should be trying to help. The number of new business ideas I have heard from the 3,000 or so folks that I have met in meet and greets would fill pages.
4. How has your campaign gone so far?
I feel we brought a first class national style campaign to Mesa LD25. At one point, we were operating at a 16% name ID in the district and today we operating somewhere around 75%. We were down more than 20 points in the polls at one point, and I now believe us to be up with a comfortable lead. I believe very few Arizona campaign teams have ever executed this kind of political operation at the local level and have been able to accelerate in a short four months with such quality work. I am extremely proud of our team. We made significant progress in database management, digital superiority on Facebook/website/YouTube, email and SMS texting experimentation, positive earned media, effective and targeted direct mailing campaign, unparalleled endorsements for a novice candidate, targeted and varied TV, online video content, voter identification to focus attention on folks operating at the margins, extensive door-to-door canvassing, road and yard signage superiority, effective branding (Elev8 Mesa), lack of negative attacks against my opponent, avoiding vitriolic debate formats, frequent polling and message development, extensive vulnerability research and preparation, organization of volunteer networks, number of meet and greets in homes and businesses, etc. This campaign is an example of the skills we can bring to the AZ state capitol: positive messaging and branding, focus and disciplined execution, uniting and pulling alliances together to achieve positive objectives regardless of previous political allegiances, etc. 
5. If elected, what is your #1 priority as the Senator from LD-25?
There are so many, but my overall theme is to elevate AZ’s reputation so AZ can get back to work. This will happen by slowing down bill introductions and putting a stop to symbolic lawmaking. Our economy wants to recover so remove the handicap and headwinds created by our lawmakers hindering the private sector. Release entrepreneurs to create jobs and new businesses in AZ. Gradually shrink the public sector and expand the private sector. Ban all lobbyist gift giving and perks to lawmakers. Work on legacy issues to improve business environment, education, healthcare and public safety. I’m proud of Mesa and I love this state. I want the voters, all voters, to be proud to call me their state senator. Candidates who are running for office are asking for the consent of the people to allow them to govern. I promise that if I am elected, I won’t forget that.

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