Friday, July 13, 2012

Why is Wil Cardon Running from his Business Record?

Changing stories, shifting responsibility, following discovery of ICE investigation of his business

PHOENIX – Self-funding millionaire Senate candidate Wil Cardon has a problem. Cardon has built his campaign on the premise that he’s a hands-on businessman who takes a hard line against illegal immigration and employers who cheat the law. But now, with the news breaking late last weekthat his business employed more than 150 illegal workers, Cardon’s gone into spin mode, trying to absolve himself of any responsibility.

In the Arizona Republic’s stunning front-page story, Cardon’s campaign claimed that Wil owned 28 percent for RCC Partners. But now, Cardon claims that he is only a three percent, passive investor in the business.

That’s a big change from the Wil Cardon we’ve all seen on the campaign trail where he’s boasted, time and again, about opening and running Subways.

Wil even filmed a campaign commercial inside a Subway touting the restaurant jobs he supposedly created. Why did he do that if he is only a three percent, passive investor? The answer is that he’s not being honest with voters about his real record on job creation.

Screenshot of Wil Cardon campaign ad touting his creation of “restaurant jobs,” filmed inside a Subway.
“Wil’s spent the last year taking credit for creating sandwich shop jobs,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for the Flake campaign. “But now that it’s become public that one of his businesses hired 151 illegal aliens, Wil claims to be a passive investor. Even for a political candidate, the hypocrisy is stunning.”

A new television ad released by the Flake campaign Tuesday highlights the investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that determined Cardon’s Subway sandwich shops employed 151 illegal workers. Click the image below or this link to view the ad:


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