Monday, July 23, 2012


One of Arizona’s most respected conservative law enforcement public servants has endorsed Andy Tobin for his re-election to the Arizona House of Representatives. County Attorney Bill Montgomery issued the following statement:

In his leadership role, Andy Tobin has stood for conservative values and principles. Leading Arizona’s most successful pro-life agenda in recent memory, balancing budgets, reforming pensions and protecting business from renegade unions, Andy Tobin has been a “rock” for Arizona. Few states across the country, let alone any other Speaker of a State House, can claim similar leadership successes. Defending the border, fighting back federal over reach and Obamacare , Andy also stands tall with law enforcement to promote public safety. I'm proud to call Andy my friend and to support him in his re-election. Bill Montgomery

Tobin responded by saying, The endorsement of Bill Montgomery is very special to me. He has been in the trenches with me fighting back on our toughest issues of the day, I appreciate his acknowledgement of my leadership in the House and look forward to working with him in the future to assure Arizona and America remain the beacon of hope and freedom that we inherited”.

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