Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jeanette “Jet” Dubreil WRONG for District 22! - Guest Commentary

As a concerned voter in the new LD-22, I wanted to point out that one of the candidates running for the House of Representatives is not what she pretends to be.

Jeanette Dubreil is running for the House in LD-22. She was the former District 4 Republican Chairman.

Dubreil has made news recently in the Republic:

Here is a very telling comment to that article:
This gal is Scott Bundgaard's hand-picked replacement for the legacy of fraud and duplicity that he established at the state Legislature. Much like his lawsuit against Phoenix, this is another example of a self-styled "conservative" feeding at the public trough.

Ever try watching your kids Jeanette?

  Seeing Red Arizona had this story:

Candidate Jeanette Dubreil: Already suing taxpayers

Here is what the Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet Report had to say about Dubreil:

"Bundgaard ally Jeanette Dubreil, one of the finalists to replace Burges when she was appointed to the Senate in January, is struggling to raise money in the race that pits her against her two fellow finalists, Lovas and David Livingston. Dubreil raised only $2,500 in the reporting period (of which $956 was in-kind goods and services) and has only $442 on hand. Meanwhile, Lovas raised $34,000 and has $26,000 left, and Livingston has $6,500 left, thanks to a $10,000 loan."

When our wonderful State Representative Judy Burges was appointed to the Senate, Dubreil tried to get appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Phone calls to the BOS were 10 to 1 AGAINST Dubreil, from members of her Legislative District. Phil Lovas was then appointed to the position.

Another comment was made on the Sonoran Alliance:
Bill says:

I think it’s a good idea. My district is the one that elected Scott Bundgaard to the legislature. I want to whip everyone involved, including Janet Dubreil, who is running for that seat, until they.they repent. Open primaries will save us from the Bundgaards and the Dubreils, and will let honest hard working Americans have a say in the legislature. Dubreil’s husband is French, ad she was Scotty’s campaign manager. Let’s start supporting AMERICAN candidates. And, Let’s vet them. The Republican party currently has no way to vet candidates.

You can be an off the wall French socialist, like Dubreil, and you can register and run as a Republican, and nobody vets you. We know what Dubreil is, after Scotty filed his ten million dollar lawsuit against the city of Phoenix — she was his campaign manager, his district chairperson, and is NW encouraging Scotty to collect against AMERICAN taxpayers — she is a French socialist masquerading as a Republican.
An open primary protects us against the Bundgaards and the Dubreils, It opens opportunities for honest Americans not owing something to Constantin Querard or Chuck Coughlin to get a seat in the legislature, Our current system is corrupt, with over half of our legislature owing their seats to Coughlin or Querard. Frankly, I think we need a revolution, and we need to eliminate the slime that is corrupting Arizona.

Also, this from Ron Harders - The Arizona Freedom Alliance:

"If she succeeds in getting Tom Morrissey removed she will be the chairperson and she states in her platform if Tom should resign she would act a Chairperson of the Party. she worked with Linda White, Lisa Gray and Jeanette Dubriel and others in a sneaky deceitful way to get Tom Morrissey removed."

The voters of LD-22 should reject Jeanette Dubreil on August 28th!

LD-22 Republican

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