Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day Comes Early for Dave Schweikert

Phoenix, AZ- As Arizonans prepare to spend Independence Day with their families and friends, it looks like Dishonest Dave Schweikert has been declaring a bit of independence himself - from the law.
Below is Dave's required disclosure report from this year's first quarter of fundraising. There you will see two donations, from fellows named Oliver Schwab and Kevin Knight.


Schwab and Knight are both employed by Dave
Schweikert, or perhaps more accurately, employed by you on Dave's behalf. Both are federal employees on Dave's congressional staff. And both are therefore prohibited by federal law from contributing to Dave's campaign. (FEC Statute page 16,

Now since this report was filed, Schwab has glided off of Dave's congressional staff, and into a new position running a political action committee which will work to elect Dave, or basically, to launch more false attacks on Ben Quayle. That maneuver raises its own set of questions under federal election law, but let's start with how Dave and his staff could have committed blatant violations of federal law and House rules in the first quarter of this year.

(Note: This is not the first time Dave has been chastised for FEC violations. He received illegal corporate money in 1994.)

Given the prior responses of Dave's campaign when it has been caught in other acts of fraud and deception, ( it should be fun to hear how they attempt to spin this one.

Call Dave Schweikert's campaign (480)-302-4872 and his congressional office (202) 225-2190 and tell them to start telling the truth, and stop breaking the law.

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