Monday, July 23, 2012

Chris DeRose – Arizona's best paid guy in a Congressional race, all with no victory by Jon C. Altmann

Chris DeRose – Arizona's best paid guy in a Congressional race, all with no victory by Jon C. Altmann

Paul Babeu’s Congressional Campaign used Chris DeRose for “general consulting” and the campaign filing carried DeRose as “general counsel” for the campaign. DeRose, an attorney, has been a campaign consultant as of late. In the past he made a bid for being appointed to the Phoenix City Council when Greg Stanton stepped down to run for Mayor (and the seat went to Sal DiCiccio), and he tried running for the state legislature several years back. He used to be married to Emily DeRose that many will remember was the Arizona Democratic Party's public relations voice, who has now moved onto national political work.

Over a six month period, according to Federal Election Commission campaign finance reports DeRose was paid $35,000 from the Babeu campaign. DeRose is also listed as donor to the Babeu campaign at $2,500.

Looking at other Arizona Congressional campaigns over the past two Federal reporting cycles, both Republican and Democratic committees had payrolls, no one was paid as much as DeRose to be the campaign consultant. In fairness, some of the Democratic committees had payrolls ranging from two to four people with the total payroll cost a bit higher than what DeRose received in a single month, but none came up to the DeRose level. DeRose sets the bar for the most in a single monthly fee.

The latest report also showed the Babeu campaign was refunding money to some folks, including Paul Babeu, who got back $2,500 from his own campaign.

Cheryl Chase, who was working for Babeu at the Pinal County Sheriff’s office until recently and is now running for a Pinal County Supervisor slot, donated $2,500, but no refund was issued to her, nor has Babeu yet contributed to her campaign, according to current reports on file in Pinal County.

A look at Babeu’s finance report for re-election to Sheriff offers a very slim financial picture. His money from January to end of June actually decreased. Babeu’s Sheriff’s campaign reported $19,644 cash on hand in January, but dropped to $19,275, raising only $1890 during six months.

Jack McClaren, who is running against Babeu for Sheriff has raised 3 ½ times more than Babeu during the same period. McClaren has been an elected Pinal County Constable as well as a long time Sheriff’s commander. Steve Henry, Babeu’s Chief Deputy, had been running for Sheriff, but stepped aside after Babeu withdrew from his Congressional race. Henry is holding more than $15,000 with no campaign, and no indicator he is refunding money to his supporters, at least not yet.

DeRose wins the award for most money monthly in an Arizona Congressional Campaign. He may get a second award for low overhead - his business address is his apartment at 40th Street and Camelback.

All the while, Babeu is not raising much money in the Sheriff’s race and his chief deputy is still holding a tidy stash of cash. Maybe there is still some cash left out in Pinal for DeRose to refill his tank.

Jon C. Altmann is the President/Owner of the Public Safety Research Group (PSRG).
He has spoken before various public safety, military organizations and professional training conferences as a guest lecturer. He is active national and community organizations. His community involvement includes serving as a Commissioner, City of Phoenix Military Veterans Commission; National Vice President – Enlisted Affairs, Association of the U.S. Navy; as the president of his church’s parish council.

Mr. Altmann is in Washington DC this week raising money for Conservative causes.

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