Monday, July 23, 2012

Ben Quayle - Mudslide on the "Horizon"

Mudslide on the "Horizon"
Courtesy of Dave Schweikert, the Republican primary race in newly drawn Congressional District 6 may be about to take another dishonest turn.

Dishonest Dave and his campaign have already been caught in a spectacular sequence of misleading statements and outright lies. These range from calling Barack Obama’s payroll tax deal “generational theft” in a national news magazine (you can read that for yourself right here), and then voting for it; to sending a spy to the Quayle campaign office to fill out a fraudulent volunteer form and then brazenly telling at least five news organizations it never happened (here and here); to claiming Ben Quayle is running in “his” district when in reality the new District 6 is 67 percent Quayle’s current District 3 and only 30 percent Schweikert’s current District 5; to peddling a handful of varying bogus poll numbers showing him ahead in the race when he is actually behind and losing ground.

Now we can begin looking forward to the dishonesty coming from a front organization. The “National Horizon” Super-PAC, which was formed under cloudy legal terms to collect large donations and front for Dave Schweikert, will start airing paid advertisements in this race any day now.

The legal cloud involves Schweikert’s chief of staff from his congressional office, Oliver Schwab, leaving that taxpayer-paid post and immediately commencing work for this PAC. Under federal election law such PACs must operate with independence from a candidate they support. Does Dave’s former chief of staff sound like an “independent” operator to you? Coordination between these PACs and campaigns is illegal and already the subject of criminal investigations in Arizona and elsewhere.

So look out; there could be a mudslide headed your way -- a mudslide facilitated by Dave Schweikert’s former chief of staff as an “independent” political committee. But by now, who could be surprised by anything coming out of the Schweikert campaign?

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