Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update from Arizona ~ Ben Quayle

Dear Friends,
It was a district work period for Congress, so I had the opportunity to spend the last several days in Arizona with my family, and hearing from you. Next week, I head back to Washington, and we expect a busy legislative schedule.

On Friday, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced that her department will no longer enforce critical deportation policies that Americans, and border state residents like you, depend on to protect their security. This backdoor-amnesty program for illegal immigrants amounts to nothing more than an attempt on the part of President Obama to distract from his failure to secure our southern border. Our Campaigner-in-Chief is neglecting the security needs of US citizens in order to garner political favor before elections.

As your Congressman, I have made border security a priority and call on President Obama to finally do the same. In the midst of an upcoming Mexican Presidential election and drug violence in Mexico overflowing our border, it is time for President Obama to put pandering aside and keep America safe.

Like you, I’m anxiously waiting for two Supreme Court rulings of huge importance to both Arizona and our nation. The opinions are expected any time on whether the Court will uphold Arizona’s SB1070, and whether Obamacare will stand.

We don’t know how the Supreme Court will rule, but there were some encouraging signs that the high court will uphold our state’s immigration law, and reject the President’s disastrous healthcare bill. The line of questioning from the justices that we heard during oral arguments showed deep skepticism of the Administration’s arguments on both cases.

However, the decisions may not be clear-cut, particularly in regards to Obamacare. If the individual mandate is struck down as unconstitutional, but the remainder of the bill is upheld, new questions will arise about how to pay for Obamacare. Without the unconstitutional mandate, it’s hard to see how the other provisions in the bill are viable. The way this awful law was written made it dependent on the unconstitutional mandate.

I hope the Supreme Court will strike the healthcare bill down in its entirety. I hope they’ll see that the clearly unconstitutional individual mandate is the centerpiece of a flawed law, and that the whole thing is tossed out. Only then will Congress receive a clean slate to institute rational, market-based reforms to our healthcare system.

If the Supreme Court does not strike down Obamacare in full, rest assured I will work every day toward its complete repeal. This law is an abject failure and it must go.

If you have any questions regarding the possible outcome of this Supreme Court case, or the ruling once it occurs, please give my Washington, DC office a call at 202-225-3361.

The other big case before the court involved our state’s immigration law, SB1070. The Obama Administration sued our state to overturn it, and the Supreme Court will make a final decision. The Court’s questioning indicated sympathy with our state’s case, and I hope they will uphold this commonsense attempt to simply enforce the immigration laws of our nation.

Both of these important decisions could come as early as next week. I look forward to discussing the outcome, and hopefully replacing Obamacare with market-based reforms that will make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Last but certainly not least, Thursday of this past week marked the 237th birthday of the United States Army. Please enjoy my video message to mark the occasion here.

Have a wonderful week. I look forward to updating you from Washington next week.

Ben Quayle
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