Friday, June 15, 2012

Top Taxpayer Watchdog Praises Jeff Flake in Fight Against Earmarks

Top Taxpayer Watchdog Praises Jeff Flake in Fight Against Earmarks

“No one has worked harder than Rep. Flake to eliminate earmarks”

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake unveiled his first campaign television ad this week highlighting his record of conservative reform, and notes his work to get rid of earmarks. Watch the ad here:

In a release issued yesterday by the highly respected taxpayer watchdog organization, Citizens Against Government Waste, Tom Schatz, CAGW’s president praised Flake’s hard-fought efforts on behalf of taxpayers to bring an end to the practice of earmarking.

Here are some excerpts from Schatz’ statement:

“The earmark moratorium would not be in place without the hundreds of slings and arrows that he [Flake] has thrown at the defenders of earmarks for many years. Regardless of what his detractors say about his record on earmarks and wasteful spending, every taxpayer should be grateful to Rep. Flake for his leadership in the effort to cut the pork out of Washington.

“No one has worked harder than Rep. Flake to eliminate earmarks. He was a staunch supporter of the earmark moratorium prior to its eventual success, and has defended it at every turn.

“…Flake has pushed for a tougher, permanent moratorium, and has led the fight against funding the most egregious earmarks.

“… Flake has been a principled advocate of lower taxes and smaller government since arriving in Washington. He received a score of 100 percent in the CCAGW 2010 Congressional Ratings,earning him the rank of Taxpayer Super Hero for the fifth time in nine years, and has a lifetime rating with CCAGW of 98 percent, second best in the House and Senate combined.

“…Flake looks out for taxpayers and future generations by finding ways to cut spending and eradicate wasteful programs. He has been a leader in changing the culture of wasteful spending in the nation’s capital, and the notion that his record on these issues should be considered anything less than exemplary is absurd.”

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