Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Late last Friday afternoon, we received a phone call from a 'high ranking' Arizona Republican Party official. They filled us in on what was happening with the Party ranks.

The 'resignation' of Phil Mason, longtime sycophant of the Pachyderm Kooks, is just the beginning of the 'purge'!

Our very reliable source told us that former Chairman Randy Pullen, who, along with Nathan Sproul, is overseeing the 'Victory 2012 Fund" (God Help Us!), is pushing hard for Tom Morrissey to re-hire former fired Executive Director BRETT MECUM!

PM readers know all about the 'exploits' of Mecum:



NO ONE we speak with wants Brett Mecum back for anything political. His 'boss' Randy Pullen really wants his old job back. Good Luck, especially after the FEC Audits for 2009-10 are made public!

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